Living a Successful Life

People have always been finding a way out towards the success. Having a desire to achieve success is basically a part of human nature. That is why struggling for a successful life is a matter associated to each mankind. All of us are well familiar with a popular saying “survival of the fittest” and in fact, the concept of survival and struggle for a successful life are closely associated to each other. But a lot of questions may arise that what are the parameters of the success? Every person has the ability to get success according to his own choice and right according to his desire? Is there any hard and fast rule to be successful? Struggle is for a limited time period or it is the phenomena that is part of our life until we get died? These are a few but, list of such questions is very extensive.
Having an analysis over the lives of different successful people and various success stories reveals that although, journey towards the success is a combination of a plenty of different factors but a few of them are very common. Various factors depend upon the approach of an individual but those factors which are very common in nature are quite obvious demanding no argument. In fact, those are like a base or you may call them pre-requisites to the success. So, as a building cannot be established without the base similarly you are not able to start a journey towards success without getting yourself equipped with these components.
Realizing the Importance of Life
The first and foremost ingredient of the recipe of success is the realization about the importance of life. Realizing about the importance of something does matter a lot. If you are going to realize the importance of an event, then definitely you are going to struggle for that. For example, if you are enrolled in a degree course and you are well familiar with the fact that on completion of the degree you are going to get a reasonable job and a respectable image in the society, definitely you will work hard to achieve that objective. Similarly, a team entering the ground representing a country is not only to play there but to be a source of respect and honor for the respective country by winning the contest. In the same way, thousands of examples can be quoted in this regard.
Same is the case with realizing the worth of life. Life is not merely spending your days and night in an ordinary fashion and waste your time in a random way without planning the events of your life. It is all about fixing your priorities, developing a framework and schedule of activities and finally executing the plans in an efficient way. It also known as program planning. When you actually realize the truth about your existence then you are ready to move forward in a right direction. There is another element associated with the realization of the worth of life is giving value to the available time. Being thankful for the available moments and doing something important not only for you but people around you is possible only when you are going to realize the importance of time.
An Example of a Young Boy
An example is worthy to be quoted in this regard. Once there was a young boy having an age of 22 years. In spite of being young and having a lot of energy, he was not living a positive or purposeful life. Rather, he was busy in criminal activities most of the times. His father had died and his mother was quite worried about the future of her only son. She tried her best to put her son on track but all her efforts failed to bring about a positive result. Finally, she heard about a renowned astrologist. She took her son to the astrologist and presented the whole case in front of him. She was very worried about the future of her son that is why she asked the same question from the astrologist. She requested him to predict the future of her son after telling the whole scenario to the astrologist. First, he kept on silence. The mother was getting more worried over his expressions. While breaking his silence, he said “Are you ready to hear the truth. Do you have such a brave heart that you could be told any truth”? She replied in yes. The astrologist predicted that her son is going to die. He has a time of seven days to live more. It was an astonishing prediction for both the mother and the son as well.
Enriched with a natural spirit of love, the mother was crying and totally depressed after knowing that her son is going to die after seven days. Her son was also depressed. And of course, he must be. When you are going to know about the reality that after some days you are about to die, what will be your response and feelings? Perhaps, at this time you are not ready to even think about it. Just imagine what will be the situation of that young man. Anyhow, time was passing. He could not sleep the very first night after knowing the fact. He started thinking about his past life. While making an analysis, he realized that he had not done something special during the whole life so far. There was no positive contribution from his side. Rather, he had been teasing the people since long. He had been behaving like a rascal. Now, he was feeling ashamed for all he had done in the past. He was sorry for what he did to her mother. He thought people would blame her mother for all his wrong deeds after his death. He wanted to apologize those people he had teased once. Although, list was lengthy yet he decided to begin. He started apologizing the victims of his wrath and ignorance one by one. Finally, he visited and apologized all those names mentioned on the list. Now, he was able to sleep with comfort when he had apologized his victims. Now he had no fear in his heart and mind. Time was passing quickly and finally, it came the last night for him to live. He was ready to die while on other hand, his mother was crying and waiting for her son to die as it was predicted by the astrologist.
The young man went to sleep thinking that he will never get rise again. He got rise three different times during the night thinking that he had died. But, all the three times he realized he was alive. He was worried and confused and finally, the sun had risen the next morning. He was very confused and took no time to reach the astrologist. He requested him to do something for the confusion he was suffering from at that time. He said to the astrologist “when I was not ready to die, you told me that I would get died. Now, I am ready to die and death seems nowhere. Your prediction was wrong.”. The astrologist replied that my prediction was 100% correct. Because at this time when you are sitting in front of me you are a new person. Now you are an ashamed man feeling regretful for your sins. First, you were not even bothering about that. Congratulations for a new life and new journey.
The example is a true example of the fact that realization about the value of the available time is a great source pushing you and motivating you in a positive way. So, why you should wait for a tragedy or another source of motivation. Just make a rule of your life to be grateful for each moment of life and try to do positive things. Life is a great blessing and each and every day is very valuable without any discrimination. Now it depends upon you that how you behave and utilize this available time and manage to do positive deeds before it’s too late. Realizing that life is a worthy source to positively contribute in a society and time is very precious makes you capable of not only managing your time but also bring about some positive outcome.
Realizing your Potential as an Individual
Drop joins another drop and eventually, it turns into a sea. Individuality has an importance in itself. Either you are a family member, member of a society, member of a country, member of a playing team or a part of an organization; your individuality does matter a lot without any argument. Never forget that individuals join each other to become a nation. When we pass some positive remarks about a nation it means individuals of that nation are actually receiving praising remarks from us. In fact, behavior of those individuals and their approach on an individual basis is finally depicted on a broader spectrum that we call a nation. Having a desire for success demands you to realize about your personal potential and value of your individuality. You must be very sure about the fact that members or citizens of a nation are not going to be successful until or unless they are not going to realize the potential and importance in their individual capacity.
Similarly, if you are working in an organization and you are assigned a specific task on your end. Now, task done by you on an individual basis is leading towards the success of the whole organization. You are not an only member, the organization assigned a task to complete. Rather, each and every individual of an organization is assigned a different duty. When all the members complete the work on their ends individually, finally it results in the success of an organization. If a single member of an organization is not going to work in an efficient way, he will become responsible for providing damage to the whole organization. Another example can be quoted here that surrounds performance of all the players in a football or a cricket team. Victory is always a result of a team-work. Put aside the exceptional cases when only a few players or an individual player becomes responsible for the victory of a team. Exceptional cases are not a routine. Thus, success is universally associated with the efficient team-work. If your cricket or football team is equipped with some extraordinary players and still your team is going to lose then must be thinking about the fact and importance of teamwork. As much as there is flaw in the contribution or performance of individuals, the team get on a distance from the success.
Supremacy of an Individual
While working in an organization, there is a key feature need to be focused that each and every individual must be given an equal value. Boss of an organization sitting in the office, man force of the organization including the laborers drivers and guards are all important. Remember that an association, organization or institute you are associated with, is represented by the individuals.
Let me explain it with an example. Suppose that you are a good student belonging to an educational institute. Now, wherever you go, whatever you do, how you perform is all going to affect the reputation of the institute. Either you perform well in curricular or extra-curricular activities, you are going to directly affect the institute, you belong with. The story is not going to end here. Even, during your professional life, while serving against a specific post, your performance and working efficiency will be going to affect the reputation of your institute at that time too. Similarly, bad performance of an individual may result in humiliation for the whole organization. So, each and every student need to be polished well so that he could contribute in establishing a good reputation of the institute. Same is the case with an organization. Giving equal value to each and every individual will result in an exemplary collaboration that is responsible for the success of an organization.
Any discrimination made on the basis of scale or status may force the individuals to destroy the image of an organization. So, make it a key rule that team-work and equal importance given to each and every member of a group, organization or institute will ultimately level the way towards the success. If there will be no discrimination among the people working in an organization, definitely there will be a positive and collaborative environment that is necessary for an organization to develop and flourish with consistency. It was about institutions and organizations for the purpose of making your concepts quite clear about the fact. When it comes about the representation of the nations’ globally, same criterion is followed there. Perhaps, at that time you are going to represent your country or nation at a wider spectrum and comparatively vast platform. It doesn’t matter who you are, the fact of the matter is that you are the representative of your country. You may be a visitor, student, worker, an employee or even resident of another country but your attitude, working efficiency, dealing with the people and way of living is directly going to affect the image of your country in one or another way. So, there is need to train and develop our individuals. It is only possible when we are going to admit the supremacy of the individuals.
Wasting your EGO into a Dustbin
Believe or not, your ego is one of the major barrier that prevents you from getting successful. Surprisingly, you keep your ego very dear to you in most of the cases. Don’t you think that keeping the enemies like this so dear to you is ridiculous approach? Why don’t you put the ego aside and move forward freely? Remember, ego is your worst enemy. Until you are not going to tackle this enemy, you are not going to be a successful person. It will be a surprising thing to know about the fact. Questions may be rising in your minds that how the ego is going to play the role of a barrier on the way leading to success? It may not directly influence you but indirect or silence attack by the ego is more severe and quite damaging. Ego may lead you towards jealousy, pride, comparison and competition in a negative sense.
Suppose you are the owner of a motor-bike while your neighbor has a car. Apparently, it does not make any difference. Let him drive his car and enjoy your ride on the motorbike. But, your ego gets involved in the matter. Now, it has two different perspectives. The person driving a car may feel superior to the person driving the motor-bike. On the other hand, the person having a motor-bike may feel jealous to the person who has a beautiful car. So, both of them are going to waste their energies in a negative direction. One is feeling superior just because of a minor cause and other one is feeling jealous for no reason. Apparently, it seems normal but in fact, such mentality is going to affect you in the long run. Rather than wasting your energies and getting depressed and jealous, you may go for planning and executing in an impressive way. It may result in failure for the very first time but you will become successful eventually.
Similarly, ego stops you from doing something of your own choice and wish. You are going to plan something according to your own position and compatibility. You are very confident about execution of your plan but suddenly you get disappointed and decide not to go for your plan. Do you realize, what actually stops you? Yes, it is your ego that you keep very dear to you. What people will think about it? This is not the plan for me rather I should go for something more valuable, people will criticize me and list goes on. These are the gifts awarded us by the so-called ego. The story is not going to end here. The ego; a very dear friend of you is going to spoil you on many other platforms. It will lead towards a useless comparison and negative competitions. Someone is enjoying a luxurious life and you are going through a tough time. In the situation like this, rather than thinking about that person of getting deprived from the luxuries of life why don’t you go for discovering the fact behind his success? Making a useless comparison will merely spoil your mental efficiency rather, thinking about the matter positively may result in betterment for you. It is quite possible that by following the principles of a successful life you may become a successful person someday. But, in the other case you are just going to make yourself depressed and useless. So, why don’t you go for the recipe including the positive ingredients to taste a successful dish?
Setting the Criteria for Your Happiness
Being positive is a key component or ingredient for getting happy. Moreover, happiness is responsible for letting you move forward effectively until you are going to achieve your objectives. There is another factor involved in this regard is about fixing your priorities. Happiness depends upon the criterion you have already selected. For example, if your set standard for happiness is getting 60% marks and you get that. Definitely, it will result into happiness for you. On the other hand, there may be another person who have set a standard of getting more than 90% marks. Now, even getting 90% marks will not make him happy because his set standard of happiness is getting more than 90% marks. Similarly, another example can be quoted in this regard. There is a person working in an organization and hopeful for getting 5% increment the next month. The day comes when he is to receive the salary. He gets surprised by noticing that he was just expecting 5% increment while he is about to get 10% increment. Apparently, it looks normal but it has a great impact psychologically. By increased percentage of his increment, his standard of happiness also gets raised. Next time he will not be thinking for 5% increment rather he will be thinking for at least 10% percent. Even, he will be doubtful about 10% by considering a possibility of 15% increment as it happened to be the previous time. You may raise the question that what positivity has to do with this. Positivity is all about enjoying the little happiness and sources of minor delightfulness. For example, rather than depending upon the set standards of happiness why don’t you go for getting delighted over what you have? Why don’t you bother for getting maximum and try not to get happy for a minor benefit? You are not always so lucky to get maximum profit in a consistent way. So you need to develop a sense of satisfaction and happiness even after getting a minor happiness it will change your attitude and finally, you will become an efficient worker with a happy and peaceful mind. While following the opposite track will not give you any reward rather than the frustration and depression.
Thinking Positive
Thinking positive will also lead us to avoid useless criticism just for the sake of criticism over others. Criticism is no doubt, a source of flourishment and progress in a true direction but it must be positive. Positive criticism is not going to get generated on itself but a positive attitude and positive thinking results into positive criticism. So, moving on the way toward success you need to bother about this. Positive thinking is your weapon that you are going to use in terms of getting your objectives fulfilled and become successful.
Positivity also makes you passionate. Definitely, when you will be optimistic rather than being pessimist, chances of your reach to success will automatically get increased. People plan in their life but fail to execute their plans just because they are pessimist and positivity stands far away from them making them an average rather than a successful person. Thinking in a negative way sometimes misleads you. Negative thinking has a direct impact on creativity or deep analysis. A positive thinker has more areas to get explored while negative thinking leads you to think in a narrow fashion. So, preference depends upon you either you go for positive thinking or negative approach. An example can be quoted in this regard. Once, there was a wife and husband living in an apartment. There was another apartment in front of theirs. The wife had a habit of standing in front of the window and criticizing the habits of the family living in the opposite apartment. For example, she used to criticize about the laundry. She was of the view that the family living in the opposite department doesn’t have an idea or awareness about how to clean the clothes in an efficient way. She kept on repeating the criticism for many times and finally, a day came when she went to her husband telling him, “Look! They heard my voice. They realized that I wanted them to clean the clothes efficiently and today, I am successful in making them realize and they get their clothes cleaned in an efficient way.” Her husband smiled at her by telling, there was nothing like this and it was all about her perception. He had cleaned the window glass that morning and it was the only reason for everything to be appeared clean and clear in front his wife. Just imagine, negative thinking and useless criticism of his wife got her deprived of even thinking from different perspective.
Motivation Acts as a Fertilizer
Motivation has the value of a nutrient and fertilizer for a human mind and body to grow. For example, you join a gym and go there regularly. There is only one motivation behind that. Yes, you guess accurately, weight loss and muscles development is the motivation behind the habit of going to the gym. Similarly, getting enrolled in an educational institute and working hard is also result of a motivation. Motivation to learn, excel, getting trained becoming a good professional and successful person.
There is another very important point worthy to mention. Schools are just like the nurseries. You need to grow a healthy nursery for getting extraordinary yield. Although, teachers deserve appreciation for their contributions but some of the areas still needed to be covered. Motivation has a great connection with the success. You cannot even imagine that even a single word of appreciation and motivation can make a person successful for the whole life. While, in the same way, a single word resulting in discouragement of a person may stop him reaching the success throughout his life. It is claimed that 100% children are born genius but society turn them to average just by passing their arguments. Even, parents are found saying that our children are not capable of doing this so it is better for him to do something else. Who we are to suggest, dictate or predict that which field of study or career suits a person best. Why don’t we let the relevant person think and decide freely where to go? Especially, when people are young they are full of energy and enthusiasm. That is the time not to discourage and criticize them. Instead, it is the actual time to motivate and guide them so that they could get successful in achieving the objectives in their life with a great efficiency. Keep in mind, discouraging remarks at this stage may turn a genius to an average man.
On the other hand, there is also a piece of advice for the courageous and enthusiastic persons not to listen the discouraging remarks. People are not capable or responsible for turning your dreams into the reality but a courageous man himself is. Don’t look for the remarks of people and don’t wait for their motivation. If you are confident that you are going to contribute positively, then plan your program and execute it in an efficient way. Taking a practical risk for positive purpose is much better than dreaming for the whole life or discussing your ideas on a table. There is another golden piece of advice that keeping on searching for the excellence is another important component of success. Making efforts for a limited time is not the way to become successful but keep on searching for excellence with more enthusiasm is the actual way to become successful. Perhaps, this is the routine to be followed until you die.


Guidebook to Success in Competitive Examinations

Competitive examinations, with their cutthroat competition value, can be seen as a battle. The students, who appear in these examinations, have to prepare as if they are preparing for a battle-an intellectual one. The challenges keep increasing and the time falls short. Hence, the ones, with right understanding of their self, their mind, their body and coordination of their thought process with the same, will be able to achieve the end results.

Therefore, coaching institutions, guides, mentors and experts in the field of competitive examinations play a massive role. They understand how the field functions and they know the ground level strategies. The founders of coaching and guidance in the field of competitive examinations have seen the world evolving and changing. They have encountered the change in policies and examination structures. Above all this, they have made strategies to crack the new barriers and have been successful in doing the same. Therefore, their point of view matters the most in this entire scenario. They are ones, who can foresee the future of competitive plans and draw the strategies accordingly.

These experts have the abilities to draw a path, by walking on which, the aspirants can reach to their desired destinations. These experts share their point of view in terms of preparing a student to prepare for these competitive examinations.

What all the experts have to talk about?

When it comes to have a look at what the experts have to say and suggests to the existing and upcoming aspirants, here a few things they essential have to share:

• Knowing the importance understanding oneself
• Self analysis, self assessment and introspection
• Understanding importance of concentration and mind’s health
• Knowing significance of consistency, persistence and time management
• Importance of self motivation
• Importance of healthy body
• Picking up right habits to become successful
• Learning from the life’s of successful and great people
• Understanding the importance of focus on your goal
• Deciding realistic goals and achieving them to become successful
• Handling adolescent age challenges
• Finding right solutions to frequent crisis
• Prioritizing your goals
• Effective life management

As it is said, to become successful, you don’t just have to change your entire lifestyle but before that you also have to change your mindset. The magic happens in the mind and when the mind (aka thought process) changes, a lot changes. This ensures that newness and excellence enters into your life and prepares you to take on the world. For years, this guidance has been helping the individuals to get required success in the lives. It has affected lives of many students in a positive way and has become a culture. Students, who follow the regime offered by experts in competitive examinations, end up making a major level of difference. This has increased the quality of competition as well. Nowadays, the bars of competition have been set high and the hurdles & challenges on the way have been increased. This adds to the overall performance of the students as well. Without increasing the level of challenges, one cannot expect to get the best out of the brilliant brains.

Understand Competition

Competition is a very tricky concept. You may increase your troubles by getting into the race if you don’t know the purpose of it. Also, competition is healthy and inspires you to do better. It is never with someone else. There may be others in the same race, but always remember that your struggle is with yourself only. If you are better than who you were yesterday, you are on the right path. The best way to deal with competition is to push yourself towards a better version of you tomorrow.

If you see competition has causing harm to others or being jealous of the people who are doing better, then you are on the wrong path. If people, who are weak from you, make you feel superior, then also you are not on the right path. Your idea should be to compare your yesterday’s version with your today’s performance. This is not an easy thing to do and you will not learn it overnight. It will take time to become a part of your thought process. Hence, you will have to practice and practice.

Introspection: Self Analysis

Introspection is the key to success for the students appearing in the competitive examinations. It is one of the most positive qualities one can have. The concept of self-assessment for your weaknesses and strongest points is equally applicable in routine life of every individual.

Every one of us has weak points and strong points. There are times, when the weakness is prevailing and keeps us from doing our job. On the other days, the positive quotient is high and we are able to take on all the challenges coming your way. But, succeeding in competitive exams is similar to swimming against the flow. It would never come easy. It will require the best of your efforts and test your abilities. However, the reward that you receive at the end will be life changing and totally worth the struggle. But, the question is, are you ready for the struggle it demands?

Are you willing to change the flow of your life and streamline it towards your success? Are you willing to do the required efforts? Are you ready to transform you lifestyle, as the time requires? Answering these questions before you get into the struggle is very important. These are the answers that you should give to yourself. It is all about self-analysis and introspection. You should honestly know what do you want and how determined to do things in order to modify your life.

Understanding Introspection in the Context of Olympics

The importance of self-analysis, self-examination and self-improvement can be better understood by taking examples of medalists in Olympics. Every country sends participants in the biggest sports competition of the world. Every country has its contingent fighting for medals and glory on the global front in different games. But, what is the reason that a very few of them end up getting what they were dreaming of and rest return empty handed? Does that mean they did not try enough? Does that mean they were not good enough? Is it about their preparation? What could be the point that one country has multiple medal winners and another country has negligible medal winners?

Asking these questions and trying to find out the answers is the analysis. This analysis is very important to understand the loopholes and fix them. The countries, which are leading in Olympics, are the ones, which have been engaged in this kind of introspection for years. Their players, gaming strategies, preparation plans, past performances, upcoming ideas, everything is being analyzed and made better in every possible way.

There is a reason why Olympians like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps have multiple gold medals in their name. They have become legends in their games and they make a great difference into other’s lives by spreading inspiration. They did not become who they are, overnight. It took decades of hard work, self-examination, challenging lifestyle, introspection and hard work to implement all the required changes. Usain Bolt practiced all the techniques of cutting air with his body while running a sprint race, told by his coach. The trainer of Michael Phelps taught him the techniques of right body postures and hand movements of cut through the waters while swimming. He practiced everything with dedication and today he is the biggest and most celebrated Olympics swimming champion.

This means that having a dream and caliber to achieve that dream is just not enough. Dedicated and consistent amount of hard work is very much required to utilize these qualities and move ahead. There are various people with the same qualities, which the winners have; it’s the efforts and hard work that makes the difference. The ones, who work hard to hone their skills, turn their dreams into reality. It goes with competitive examinations. Many students have the knowledge, caliber and ability to crack the most difficult competitive examinations, but they never are able to do so, because they lack the required efforts and following elements:

• Dedicated efforts
• Practice
• Hard work
• Discipline
• Regular introspection and self improvement
• Self-motivation and faith in oneself
• Visionary attitude
• Ability to sacrifice second important things for the primary goals.

Goals are goals. They can be for sports, academics or anything else that you want to conquer in your life. If you have settled and goal and you want to achieve it, there is a mechanism to it. Without doing a certain things and without adding the required efforts, you may never be able to see that dream transforming into reality. Discipline, hard work, focus on the goal and determination towards self-improvement are some of the key points.

Life Management Beyond Academics

If you want to do great in academics, you cannot do it without managing your entire life beyond academics. If you think you are putting required efforts in preparing for a competitive exam and rest of your life is a haphazard, then you may never get successful. People, who succeed in their lives, against the ruthless competition are the ones who manage their entire life, decide priorities, allocate their time accordingly and turn down all the distractions that lure them in wasting time. This is not an easy task and requires dedicated efforts and complete guidance from the experts. The premier coaching institutes have life coaches and trainers, who guide the students to manage their lives. It totally depends on the students to take the guidance and implement it. Therefore, self-assessment and watching your each step closely becomes the most important factor in your success.

Prioritizing Your Goals

Everyone has a lot of things to do in life. All of the things are important and have their own value. The only trick here is to understand the priority. What is most important should be kept on top priority and done accordingly. Without this, it is impossible to achieve anything in life in streamlined way. Everyone has his or her own ways of handling things in life. Stuck amidst myriad things, people often forget to work according to priorities and end up doing nothing.

If you have a apriority list and allocate your energy and efforts according to that, it is logical and scientifically proven that you will be able to accomplish your goals more effectively. For example, if you are a student, appearing for national level medical entrance test and you also like to dance. You should know that for that particular year, your priority is medical entrance examination. Hence, your focus should be on that. This does not mean that you should give up on dancing. It just indicates that you can keep aside dancing for a while and taking it on once you have accomplished your goal of getting into a good medical college, you can take on dancing again. Hence, your second priorities can be kept on halt for a while to accomplish your most important priority. All the successful people use this formula only.

Putting Second Most Important Things on Hold

There is a long list of things, which fall on the second most important step of your life. They seem equally important and hence distract you now and then. Some people keep accessing to these things in the name of mind refreshment. But, actually, this is nothing but wastage of time. Everything that deviates your focus from your prime goal is a distraction. You may love it and find important in your life but you must learn to avoid it until your goal is reached successfully. Your second important things, hobbies, plans and ideas can wait until you achieve your first goal.

Love your dream, its challenges and difficulties

You cannot achieve your dreams until you love them. It is important to love your dream, its vision and its difficulties. You cannot spend your life chasing a dream until and unless you really love it. If you are doing it without love and passion, you will lose interest eventually. It is important to understand that you are wasting your time, if you do not whole-heartedly accept your dream along with the challenges, difficulties and pain it brings. You can only stay motivated about the things you love.

Do not chase a dream because someone else has told you to do it. Find your passion, love for the dream and find a logical reason to do it. Always remember, if you love something, it becomes easier to do it.

Questioning Yourself

This is one of the highly ignored phenomena. The practice of questioning oneself is not very common amongst people. They find it awkward to introspect their conduct and raise questions on their own decisions. They are rather defensive and want to portray themselves in good light only. But, if someone were not happily accepting the flaws and trying to correct them, how would improvement take place? Always remember, to be successful, you continuously need to improve yourself. This improvement may not be a very pleasant experience but it is important. It is difficult to take negative comments, accept them and make modifications. However, in self-analysis you should judge yourself in the light of your goal and things you need to do for the same.

Focus is the Key

When you sit in the competitive examination for three hours, it is important that your mind is sorted to perform to its best capacity in the given three hours. Everyone has the caliber to solve the most difficult entrance examination too. But, what matters the most, is the ability of individuals to solve it in the given time. Someone, who manages to solve the exam in given three hours, wins the race. To make it happen, you have to follow the strategy of focus. Always remember, focus is the key to success. You need not to learn, read and remember everything. You just have to read and remember the things, which are relevant and will get you good score in the examinations. If you are a student of medical entrance examination, you have a huge syllabus to cover. Rather than struggling to read the whole syllabus in incomplete manner, it is advised to study 75 percent of the study material, but in complete manner.

Think Positive

Positivity has become such a common term nowadays that people have started taking it for granted. People are asked to be positive and they listen to this term quite often. Too much of information in their minds makes them feel that they have been practicing it. This is a wrong notion though. By hearting about positivity or merely talking about it will not make you positive. It will definitely show you the path, but the destination is yet so far away. One has to understand that being positive is a routine practice. If you tell your mind to practicing being positive all the time and follow the good habits that lead to positivity, you will see the difference.

A positive person is likely to be more successful. It saves you from stress and empowers you to make better strategies rather than the ones, who are too tensed all the time. Negative emotions are full of energy. If they are prevalent, they will make sure that you do not succeed at all. Positive emotions are equally powerful. They will ensure that you succeed, if you practice them perfectly.

Be carefree but not careless

Students appearing for competitive examination often build of habit of being under stress. They are always on a mission to clear their examination that they stop living every day. This clogs their brain and also affects their performance in the long run. Studying is very much required to succeed in examination but it is also required to have clear strategy and healthy mind to study further. To become successful in highly difficult competitive exam, it is very important that you build a carefree attitude.

Carefree attitude does not mean that you should become careless and stop studying at all. Carefree approach towards life means that you do not stress on useless things. You keep your mind away from unnecessary stress. This ensures that your mind is more active and responsive towards learning more.

Every Individual is Unique, so are you!

When you are preparing for competitive examination and entrance tests, the one common thing is high level of competition. It is okay to have competition and one should prepare accordingly. But, this does not mean that you do exactly what your competitor is doing. Every individual has his or her own way of preparing for a particular test. If you are preparing for medical entrance examination or engineering entrance examination, you might be good at one subject say physics. On the other hand, your competitor might be good at chemistry. Comparing you two basis on that might create unnecessary stress. You should understand that every individual is unique and so are you. Therefore, your preparation strategies should go according to your own weaknesses and strengths. Always remember, your biggest competition is you only. Your only aim should be to get better with every step that you take ahead.

Clarity of Goals

The most common mistake competitive examination aspirants make is to get confused with their goals. They do not understand how should they proceed ahead with their goals and divide them in small little milestones, which are easily achievable. Your goal should encourage you to have a memorable journey full of struggle and happiness, rather than scaring you off. Your everyday goal should be to study as per the plan that you have achieved to conquer the final entrance examination. You should be able to apply all the strategies your teachers have mentioned and assess yourself on the basis of that.

Do not do self-harm

There is a common concept of self-punishment in human life, which people practice to rectify their mistakes or teach them a lesson. However, sometimes, it grows to that extent that they might start causing self-harm. You should never indulge in any of such activities. Your overall focus should be on treating yourself right and ensuring that you do not mistreat yourself under any circumstances. It is very common amongst students to hurt themselves. To extreme level, they try and attempt suicide. These cases are serious and should be avoided. You should always keep in mind that nothing is more important than a healthy life. Maintain a health life, eat properly on time, and do not curse yourself for little failures. Keep going and achieve success.

Eliminate Self Doubt by Hard Work

Self-doubt is a very common feeling. It surrounds human mind quite often. If you are working hard for something, it means you want to achieve it at any cost. But, when you realize that there are competitors, working for the same, you being to doubt if you are doing enough. Do not let this seed spread in your mind because it is not a healthy feeling. The more you begin to see yourself as someone, who is not doing enough; your performance level will fall. You should definitely focus on increasing your capabilities, but not by condemning what you are doing right now. Growth should always be driven by positive emotions. This will have long term and positive impact on your performance.

Install Good Qualities

Competitive examinations are aced by those, who are successful in establishing a disciplined self-conduct. The ones, who do not panic and begin to proceed towards accomplishing their dreams step by step, achieve long lasting success. Here are some of the common good qualities, which all successful people have. If you are aiming to become a successful person in your future, you should start installing following qualities in you right away:

• Speed & accuracy
• Revision and repetition
• Consistent efforts
• Thankfulness and gratitude
• Self confidence
• Self compassion
• Self belief
• Positive attitude

Without these good qualities, you will not be able to accomplish your vision. If you pick up and read the biographies of the most successful and inspirational people in their lives, you will notice one thing common in them-struggle. None of them got it along with their birth. They had to pave their way through, the hard and tough times. They were tested by life and uncertainties. They were the ones, who did not give up to the troubles. Rather they focused on the solutions and made a difference to their lives as well as lives of their loved ones. Their life stories are still powerful enough to bring about a positive change in your life. You just have to follow the right people and see what best from the life stories you can take as morale and apply it to advance your career, life and dreams.

Be Self Centered

Being selfish may seem a negative thing to do. We all are taught to be kind and help others. But, as far as competitive examinations are concerned, you have to change the way you think. The competition is ruthless and everyone out there is a threat to your success. However, you don’t have to be afraid from anyone. But, you have to be careful how you use your time and intellect. You don’t have to waste your time just for random things. You have to make sure that you are selfish enough to study hard and make the most of your time. Being self-centered here does not mean that you do not waste someone else’s time. Rather, it is about you training yourself to save your time and use it in the wisest possible way. Always remember, you should be self centered enough to take care of your physical and mental health. You should eat right and ensure that you are healthy enough to take up every day challenges. These little things will lead you to great success.

Concentration: Attentiveness

Concentration is a very tricky concept. To understand concentration, one has to understand the most complex structure ever known to mankind-mind. Rather than understanding concentration, your focus should be on practicing concentration. When you are in class, discussion sessions, and practice sessions or self-studying, you have to make sure that you are paying one hundred percent attention. Try switching off your brain’s unnecessary windows, turn off the unnecessary thoughts to focus more on your work. Here are some of the tips you can apply to increase your concentration level:
• Meditate every morning for at least 10-15 minutes
• Meditate every night before going to bed
• Practice yoga
• Eat healthy food for mind-almonds, fresh vegetables
• Avoid junk food
• Complete 6-8 hours of sleep at least
• Practice concentrating in class
• Practice concentrating in self study sessions
• Do not indulge in eating, entertainment or any other distractions simultaneously
• Drink enough water
• Do breathing exercises
• Keep your phone on silent mode while studying
• Seek help of your counselors if need be

By doing these things every day, you will be able to streamline your mind’s energy towards right direction. As a student of competitive examination, you must remember that having a healthy mind with highest possible concentration ability is the key to success. Without that, the battle is half won only. It is recommended to start practicing of your brain’s concentration level right away. This is what is going to prepare you for grand success in the examinations.

Cut Down on Distractions

The point of concentrating on the right things and cutting down on distractions has been already taken up in this article. Then what is the need to re-discuss the same? Well, this emphasizes again on the importance of concentration level, by highlighting the most important factor that affects the overall structure of concentration.

Distraction is the key reason people have to struggle too much to get their own work done. The mind gets so influenced by little things around that it stops focusing towards the most important thing. Little and big distractions lead to breakdown of concentration pattern, causing major harm to your study plans. In today’s time, there are multiple kinds of distractions including:

• Mobile Phones
• Entertainment options-films, series, gaming etc.
• Outdoor activities
• Indulging in discussions with the groups
• Overthinking
• Day dreaming
• Over sleeping
• Worrying too much etc.

These are common things, which lead to distractions and reduced concentration. A healthy and dedicated mind can create wonders. Without a wonderful mind, one can never achieve required results. To make sure that your mind is refreshed and ready to meet the challenges, you can accomplish better results. Let your mind experience ventilation, meditate and increase your concentration, go out to get some fresh air but do not waste extra time. Always remember time is very precious thing and you should use it towards your betterment.

Do Not Procrastinate

Another setback to your success is procrastination. It is one of the most difficult things to manage once it gets hold of you. The art of procrastination is the easiest to master and the most difficult to get rid of. This is the art of wasting time at highly unproductive things. If you are not busy studying and doing productive things but still you are busy all day, you are basically procrastinating. It is a lot more than just being lazy. One has to make sure that they are not putting things on tomorrow. The simplest way of getting out of the whirlpool of procrastination is to complete today’s task today only. If you shift today’s task on tomorrow, you will end up locking yourself up in a never-ending loop of zero efficiency. If you wish to increase your efficiency, you will have to manage your mind, regulate it, meditate and control its functioning. Your mind should be able to use all its power, energy and concentration towards productive thing.

Time Management

Time is one of the precious gems for all the human beings. But, for the students appearing in the competitive examinations, it is the thing of utmost importance. If you want to become a winner in the ruthlessly competitive world, you need to learn allocating your time smartly. Some of the world-class ways to allocate your time for important things is to make a timetable and stick to it. However, most of the students make timetables and forget to follow it eventually. Therefore, you have to make sure that plans are not limited till papers and they are executed well. This may take a lot of practice but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

Biggest Challenge for Competitive Examination Aspirants

Everyone who wants to appear in competitive examinations and clear them has to face a lot of challenges and deal with them during the course. There are multiple hurdles that test you on your way to success. However, you need to identify the biggest ones and sort them out first. There are a few, which can just be ignored and they will be disappeared. Hence, you should be smart enough to identify the real challenges and fix them. It is very important to understand how to allocate your energy and how to fix the troubles. If your hurdles are fixed, no one can stop you from reaching where you wish to be.

Talking about the biggest challenges, there are many and they keep fluctuating depending on the situation. Students often have to shift to a new place to attend the coaching classes. This brings in a major lifestyle change. You are staying away from your family and undergo major emotional shift. On the other hand, they also undergo major stress because of change in food quality, excessive pressure of studies and expectations. This shift is very difficult to handle and creates struggle, which is invisible to people around them. Hence, no one even understands that they require any sort of help; as a result, they cannot get any help. This entire thing, most likely leads to depression and lack of confidence. This explains that if people were to perform well in their studies, they first have to have a healthy mind. In such scenario, a healthy mind is taken away from them and they cannot achieve excellent growth, which they were supposed to.

Another important thing that often parents, counselors and society miss out about students is their struggle with adolescence. When an aspirant decides to undergo a competitive examination challenge, he or she is similarly dealing with challenges of teen age. This is the age, where people are often surrounded by a lot of distractions, frustrations and daydreaming. This causes trouble for their growth and they are unable to focus on their challenges and end up wasting a lot of time.

These factors are common for all the aspirants but how come some manage to ace the competitive examinations? Well, they are the ones, who go against the flow and swim through the difficult waves to win the challenges. They deal with all of the troubles and focus on their goal. They take right guidance, right support and assist them to keep walking towards their goals. They understand the difficulties, troubles and things, which are holding them down. But, they also understand their potential and their mind’s ability to control itself towards the right cause. Hence, if you are appearing for competitive examination and are facing the same problem, it is important that you look for the right solutions and utilize the most important time of your life. If you are able to pull it off right now, you will be able to turn your entire life into a beautiful reality of the most beautiful dream. Therefore, the efforts you put in are going to be totally worth it. Here are a few points, mentioned by experts to resolve the problems and build the capacity to face the challenges.

Appropriate Solution for this Biggest Challenge

Adolescence, distractions, homesickness and improper nutrition together affect your brain in negative sense. If you are trying to find a way to triumph over all the things, you will have to find the right ways to do it. Here are some of the points, which expert counselors, researchers and academicians serving the competitive examination coaching industry have shared. There points are cumulated to offer you a great support against all the challenges that you are going to witness on your way towards success in competitive examinations. Take a look:

• The challenges are going to be there. They cannot be eliminated; they can only be conquered!
• A good aspirant is the one, who focuses on the goal as the top priority and works towards it.
• You have to see the hurdles as temporary things and choose your battles wisely.
• You do not need to find solution to each and every problem. Your focus should only be on dealing with the biggest problems. The little ones can be ignored, as they are not worth your attention.
• Seek guidance from your expert counselors and ask for queries related to adolescence, physical changes in your body and emotional troubles that you are going through.
• Take care of nutrition and prefer to eat fruit and juices. Along with that, you can always consider to avoid junk food. This will help your mind to run faster and help you prepare better for the examination.
• Do not indulge in talking more and expanding friendship with strangers in the city. As you are new to the place and for a purpose, your focus should be on studying. However, it feels lonely and difficult to stay away from the friends, but still, you should do what is right and accept the wonderful life, which is waiting out there for you.
• Do not share your contact number and residence information with the strangers as this may bring uninvited trouble for you.
• Always remember, you do not have time to deal with unwanted problems. Therefore, you should rather avoid inviting any more problems towards yourself.
• Be strict with yourself. If you are busy wasting time, then you will suffer at the end. It is your duty to take strict actions towards your studies and avoid everything that may become a reason for you to leave your dreams.

Competition Examination Aspirant: Handling Adolescence Challenges

Always remember that you as a teenager, have a lot of power-both physical and mental. This is the transformative age, when your energy level is the highest and you have the power to conquer the world. But, this energy is destructive also. Hence, you are highly sensitive, emotional about almost everything and you get angry and stressed very easily. This is the reason that everyone has to understand this difficult and tricky age of adolescence and use the energy towards right direction. Here are a few things that experts of psychology recommend for the students aspiring to appear in the most difficult, national level competitive examinations:

• Practice meditation and yoga on frequent basis to keep your mind calm and focused.
• Avoid overreacting on anything that troubles you.
• Learn to take life easy and focus on your goals.
• Do not give away your power and energy for random things.
• Do not trust anything that anyone says to you.
• Confide only in those, who are your near and dear ones.
• Seek counseling when need be.
• Avoid bad company as it may result in serious negative impacts.
• Be very disciplined and do not let backlog burden you.
• Talk about your problems with your parents. Be open about the issues that you are facing, but only to the people you confide in. For example, your parents, siblings, guardians, teachers or counselors and be of great help.
• Avoid excessive interaction with strangers.
• Avoid staying late in the night. Follow a routine of sleeping early and waking up early.
• Do not indulge in drugs or any other random negative activities.
• Do not strike such friendships, which waste your time and take you away from your goal.
• Seek positive motivation and support your dreams by believing in them.
• Hard work is the key to channelize your adolescence energy in positive energy.
• Establish clear boundaries in your life. Make sure that no one crosses them and protect your life against all sorts of negative things.
• Talk about your challenges. Be very clear, assertive and effective in the communication.
• If someone has been bullying you or troubling you, report about the same to the concerned people. Do not suffer in silence.
• Avoid your sexual fantasies. Focus on meditation and work towards your studies for the competitive examinations.
• Divide your time wisely plan your each day in the favor of your dreams.
• Be calm and do not be hypersensitive about anything.
• Always focus on solving problems rather than crying over them.
• Focus on developing good habits. Avoid being with people or being in situation, which may entice you to develop bad habits.
• Do not be over dependent on people emotionally. Seek emotional help and support only from family and close friends, who are trustworthy.
• Always remember that all the problems in adolescence are not permanent and they will disappear with time. You just have to have faith and keep working towards your goal.

Always remember that adolescence age is just a phase. You do not have to suffer through it all your life. Hence, it is also a time that ends, just like your childhood. The only thing is that it is one of the most important times of your life in terms of shaping up your career. This is the time when you take the most important decisions about your life and career and work towards fulfilling them. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of this phase but you also don’t have to take it very easy. It is one of the most significant times, which should be utilized very well and handled nicely.

All the physical transformations, all the pimples on your face and change of blood flow in your body are just a part of a temporary phase, causing permanent transformation. Your area of focus should be to use all the right methods, which take you to the next level and accomplish your dreams. Rest everything can be managed on its own. If you are not able to handle the same, seek help rather than wasting your time. You cannot afford to do trial and error at this very delicate phase of your life.

Handling Adolescence Challenges in Competitive Examination Aspirants: Suggestions for Parents & Counselors

When a student is passing through the slow, long and challenging phase of adolescence, that too when that student is aspiring to appear in national level competitive examinations, it is a challenge. And, the challenge is not just for that student, but also for his/her counselors and parents. When the student undergoes the given challenges, he or she also becomes the responsibility of their parents as well the teachers and counselors guiding them in their career, life and studies.

The community of parents, teachers and guides should come together and understand that adolescent age is difficult to handle for every individual. Hence, it is normal to see difference in the behavior of the students. The distractions will also be common amongst them. One has to realize it for the fact that students undergo through following challenges when they pass through the adolescent age:

• Physical changes: acne, periods in girls, hormonal changes and growth related changes.
• Emotional changes: Stress, emotional vulnerability increases, reactionary attitude is quite common etc.
• Behavioral changes: Angry behavior, hyperactive behavior, and high energy in expressing themselves or lack of confidence.

Based on these changes, most of the students encounter issues related to drug abuse, indulgence in consuming substance, which leads them to temporary relief. The cases of misbehavior with elders and peers also increase. Also, the adolescent kids end up in a mess most of the times because they do not think realistic and end up planning things in a very haphazard manner. At this age, almost every kid is confused and does not know about clarity of life. Hence, they are easily distracted a deviated. There are some of the students, who follow instructions of their guides and teachers. Hence, there are chances that they will end up on the right path. On the other hand, there are some of the students, who do not take any suggestions or guidance from experts. Rather, they focus on finding their own enigmatic and dreamy ways of living life. This often takes them away from reality and lands them up in big mess. These issues are challenging and cannot be handled as long as the parents, guides and counselors are not patient enough to understand the behavioral complexities one is dealing with.

Students face challenges in deciding on the strategies for their success and sticking to them. Nowadays, they have access to a lot of entertainment options that their interest level has already gone down. With the arrival of personal entertainment devices in the form of smartphones, bombardment of social media websites and application, it is very common for the students to stay distracted. This continuous distraction leads them to choosing negative paths in life. They end up ruining their career and wasting the most important time of their life.

To handle these issues, the parents, guides and teachers have to understand their role in dealing with their entire situation in a systematic manner. Here are a few ways through which these key people help an adolescent entrance examinations aspirant to be on the right path:

• Pay attention on the behavior changes of the kid. Keep a note of all the activities to plan accordingly.
• Read more about the adolescent age, behavior, and emotional and physical changes to be prepared to help the students.
• Keep an eye on the content the kid is consuming as the content has a lot of impact on an adolescent mind.
• Guide the student through the right path.
• Be patient with the student as guidance and installation of right approach is a time taking process.
• Help your kid to engage in outdoor recreational activity rather than being surrounded by gadgets.
• Be the personal counselor of your kid. Listen to their problems carefully and try to help them through the process.
• Encourage and motivate the students. You can make them believe in themselves.
• Encourage the kids to participate in creative things so that their life can be routed towards positive direction.
• Spend time with the students, guide them, express your love to them and try to understand their point of you.
• As parents or guides of adolescent age students, you have to be very empathetic and patient. The kids struggling with challenges of this age may be very difficult to handle sometimes. Hence, it is significant for you to understand your role and work accordingly.
• Take them to psychologists or psychiatrists if need be.

Awareness a Competitive Examination Aspirant Must Have:

Apart from having examination related knowledge for the competitive exams, you have many more responsibilities as an aspirant. You need to have awareness about various other things, which are going to make you a winner. Always keep this in mind that competitive examinations are very demanding and they require your complete attention and dedication. You have to know that each of your abilities are tested against difficult and different examinations. Without being prepared to knock them all down, you may lose the chance of becoming the winner.

There are hundred thousands of aspirants, fighting for limited seats of entrance examinations. Then what are the factors, which make the winners the winners and losers the losers? You need to have understanding of the same things to become amongst the winners. Apart from having a brilliant mind and serious study under strict discipline, you also will have to change your overall lifestyle and habits. You will have to adopt the habits of successful people and start behaving like them. This will empower you to grow further and never look back in your life. Here are a few things, which a competitive examination aspirant must be aware of:

• The competition is ruthless but you stand the equal chance to win the game.
• Your mind, your body and your heart together are going to help in achieving you success. Use them in coordination.
• Time management is the key. The student, who can manage his time well in studying the right subjects, will ace the examinations.
• Consistency is very important to ensure that nothing is left behind when you are preparing for exams. Loopholes in the preparation process, may cost you your selection.
• Your thought process should be in sync towards growth of your candidature for the entrance examination seats.
• Right guidance is very important. Hence, you should choose the best mentors and stay away from negative people.
• A healthy mind and a healthy body together form the right candidature for success. You should focus on your overall health, inside out.
• There are hundred thousands of students, who are fighting for the same seat that you are fighting for. Hence to win, your performance and your dedicated hard work is the key to get successful. You should prepare accordingly.
• Do not lose faith in yourself. Do not give in to difficulties that easily.
• Do not be afraid and choose negative path. Seek for help in case you are stuck amongst any difficult situation.
• Daydreaming about success seems very interesting specially when you are preparing for these exams. But, you have to stop daydreaming and start working.
• You will have to keep a stronghold on your hormones and control physical attraction. If you indulge in physical relations, you end up wasting a lot of time and energy. It also wastes a lot of time also.
• The preparation time is limited hence the struggle is limited. Therefore, you should focus on giving your best in that time and cut down on rest of the distractions.

What Guides Have to Say?

Guides, experts, competitive examination trainers and mentors, who have dedicated their lifetime in building foundation for doctors, engineers and administrative professionals, share their experience and knowledge with the students. They, from time to time, keep sharing the key points with the students and help them through the process.

As per these experts, students, who win the race, are no different than the ones who don’t, in terms of mind’s ability and learning capabilities. Rather, they are equal in terms of potential. The difference arises the way they utilize their potential. The winners use the potential to the optimum level, whereas, the losers often miss out on doing that. They end up becoming victim to little distractions, negative emotions, silly attractions and a lot more.

Experts suggest that being successful in the competitive examination depends on the consistency in the studies, studying the right content, cutting down the distractions, eating properly and exercising. Your brain and body should be healthy to help you win any kind of race. Just in case you miss out on your health, you may miss out on the greatest of opportunities.

The trainers in the field of competitive examinations share that one should learn to develop a strategy to handle difficult subjects, rather than running away from them. In the same way, they should also ensure that they are not wasting their entire time being stubborn against one topic, which is their weakness. It is a good idea to convert your weakness into your strength, but at the same time, it is even smarter to choose to strengthen the subjects that you are already good in. It will help you grow beyond the expectations. If you work on strong subjects in optimum way, you will turn stronger and will be able to spare time to work on the weak ones also. It is all about keeping your motivation level up, lifting your spirits up and chasing the dream until you achieve it.

What Successful Students Have to Say?

The students, who have aced entrance examinations and received colleges of their choice, have various key points to share. They talk about their own experiences, their life-story and the points, which help them become successful. For each and every successful student, there may be different strategies, but here are some common points, which emerge as the common ground of forming brilliant and successful students:

• Self discipline
• Self motivation
• Self mentoring
• Hard work
• Consistency and persistence
• Continuity
• Systematic planning and action
• Right eating habits
• Effective time management
• Honesty with self
• Passion
• Visionary attitude

There is no option of honesty and hard work. If you think you can win wars with life without being dedicated and passionate, you may end up facing the adverse of the same for sure. All the students are able enough to achieve what they dream of, but they will be able to do the same, if only they are dedicated, disciplined and working hard to do the same.


To conclude, it can be said that you transform your life and become successful if only you bring about a lot of lifestyle changes. It includes changing your thought process, the way you lead your life, what you eat and how you divide your time towards your day-to-day activities. It is not an easy process and requires a lot of efforts. However, all these efforts are going to be totally worth it once you achieve the desired results.

You will not be able to do it alone but you will have to put the maximum efforts. The support that you will be requiring is from your teachers, guides, mentors and parents. Their support, understanding, motivation and support will keep you going. But, at the same time, you will have to be self-inspired and ready to take on the challenges that come your way.

Adolescence may be one challenge, but it is something, which can be handled if you are smart and intelligent enough, you will rather focus on the behavior, attitudes and means that counter the negative effects of this age. You will be able to utilize the energy and positive manner and that’s what winners do. To channelize your energy, you will have to synch your mind, body and heart to perform in a excellent way.

Medical Examinations &College Selection

There are experts who are available through various media. They have coaching institutions; live-seminars and web based seminars and also conduct training from time to time through workshops. Along with that, there are dedicated programs for engineering, medical and administrative entrance aspirants. These programs are held on TV, where students can participate and ask questions directly from the panelists having vast knowledge in the given field.

Things Medical College Aspirants Need to Know

If you are an aspirant to become doctor and study in a medical college in India, you have to go through a rigorous and tough selection process. One of the most popular exams held for that on national level is NEET. Those, who appear in NEET and score enough marks as per the cut off to get a good government college, have their way clear. The slight difficulty rises for those, who have managed to get cut off required to get into good private medical colleges. However private colleges are equally good but fee structure is very high. Therefore, the students must be ready to pay that much of amount. It is recommended that if you are choosing a private college, make sure that you have selected a hospital, which has best medical hospital attached to the college.

Medical Studies Options at Abroad:

Most of the parents and students themselves think that if too much of money has to be paid to study in India, then why not choose a college in abroad universities. However, it may turn into a good decision and help your medical career, but it is important to understand a few points, which are highly important:

• Abroad countries also have private and government colleges.
• You have to understand the selection criteria
• There can be chances of fraud if you go through a wrong agency
• It is suggested to know about the climate and environment of the country before taking final decision.
• Set Your Parameters to Select a University or College for Medical Studies
• Seek Guidance from Experts
• Check for Accreditations, as it is very important to understand that not every college and university is affiliated as per the standards. Choose the ones, which are affiliated and can provide you a valid degree along with good knowledge.
• Read terms, conditions, language preferences and other details before making a move.
• Students should draw their own parameters about how to select a college or university. They should not blindly follow the herd. Their selection of the course, college and university should be according to their understand of the subject and self.

Do not fall for Frauds

It is very common for the students planning to do their MBBS degree from international colleges, to fall for frauds. There are agencies, which tell you that in a limited budget you can do your medical degree from top-notch countries such as USA. They may be partially right. But in most of the cases, they do not add the cost of clinical practice and hence you end up doing a course with half practice, which affects your entire career. Therefore, doing complete research is very important before putting your money and time into something.

Long Term Goals for Medical College Aspirants:

If you want to become a doctor then always remember that entering into a MBBS course by cracking the difficult entrance test is just the first step. MBBS is the beginning and hence you should not see it as the only goal of your career. You should focus on pursuing for MD and MS in the days to come. Without doing these, your career will remain incomplete in the field of medical studies. Therefore, you should understand that MBBS is just the beginning and you have to stay focused until you achieve the highest qualification in the given field.

It is normal to be ordinary:

When students are preparing for competitive examinations often have queries about their preparation plans. They have doubts about them not being extraordinary. They want to understand how to become one of those extraordinary students, who can make a lot of difference in terms of achieving desired goals. It is totally normal to be an ordinary and average student. You will have to ensure that every day you are getting into a better position. It is important that you are improving on your existing levels. By doing this, you are able to make a major difference to your career. Always remember, the extraordinary people may fail, but ordinary people will, who are consistent and persistent.

Information is strength:

It is very common for an aspirant to get carried away with whichever lucrative offers are being provided to them by agents. It is your responsibility as an aspirant to be vigilant about the information available in the market. Nowadays, information is easily available via Internet. You can access all the required information and crosscheck it. Information will serve as your strength as you enter into the difficult world of competitive examinations.

Role of Parents:

Parents play a major role in shaping up the career plans of their kids. If your child is giving the most difficult entrance examination in the country, it is obvious that he or she is under immense pressure. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that his or her pressure is not increased. You will have to have patience and understand their point of view. There is a think line between motivating someone and creating problems for the students. You should be their support and understand the kind of tender age and serious responsibility your child is dealing with. Your approach towards their career and growth would help them the most. Hence, you should not send your child in any course just because the rest of the world is doing it. You should be calm and mature enough to have patience and take right decisions on their behalf. It is recommended to encourage your kids to share their point of view in terms of their career choices. Your little contribution will help your kids in shaping up their career in the right direction.

Switching your field to some other field: Making right career choices

There are some students, who do not want to continue in the field of medical. If you are one of those, who are looking out to switch the career options, you need apt guidance for that as well. There are some students, who discover that MBBS is not their thing. There might be cases, where they do not get government colleges and cannot afford private medical colleges and they need to switch the fields accordingly. There are some students, who over the time realize that medical is not their area of interest and they need to choose a career option that interests them.

In both the cases, it is very important to consider the smart options. You have to consult with the expert counselors to ensure that nothing deviates you from making the right choice. You can take personality test, choose better options in terms of discussing your areas of interest, research about the future career prospects and then take a wise decision. You should never hurry in taking any such decision. Here are some of the options that you can explore as alternate to your career to MBBS:

• Allied medical sciences –Homeopathy, Veterinary, Dental, Ayurveda, Nursing, Pharmacy and more.
• New age advanced career options-Food science, food technology, biotechnology, microbiology, nutritionist, dietician, medical technology, cryptology, audiology, clinical research, public health admin and forensic sciences.
• Traditional options: Bachelors studies in given disciplines, followed by master studies-Zoology, Botany, Microbiology and Genetics.
• Research Options- Liberal arts, psychology, Homi Bhabha Research Institute, IISER (research driven courses) and IISC etc.

If you want to switch your career and have a plan B to ensure that your time is not wasted, it is recommended that you proactive call and start looking for these courses in advance. You may not take admission in any of them later, but it is important to fill in the forms and sit into the examination. The backup should be ready just in case your medical career plan doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Amidst all this, if you have become tired of physical, chemistry, mathematics and biology, you would want to change the field. This time, it is very important that you make the right choice and pick the subject, which actually interests you. Planning a career in new field will be slightly challenging for you. Hence, you will have to prepare yourself accordingly.

Goal NEET2018

Tips to study and  boost your potential







2) #healthy #meditation #bepositive
Taking less sleep is not gonna solve anything,if you really want to increase your study,try to increase your concentration while study,and avoid wasting time…………..these are the things you can do for more effective studies……

1) Do some form of meditation to increase your concentration

2)Do not skip meals,try to eat healthy and avoid junk food

3)Take at least 8 hours of sleep and keep a lot of time for rest

4)Avoid negative people and those who demotivates you,even if they are your best     friend

5)Start your day by completing the hardest thing first……

6)Focus more on the quality of your study rather then the quantity

7)Read a motivational book if needed

8)Try not to get involved in any relationship till u gets selected….you are not in a position to become emotional for anything

3) #Biology #revision

After completing any chapter in biology from NCERT try to revise it   backwards paragraph by paragraph……………..this will force you to think and put more concentration……….and will be in your memory for long time.
while revising biology from NCERT cut down all the lines and paragraphs you think are unnecessary for you to revise and are not that important for you.

this way you can reduce biology to 80%(ELIMINATING THE FALTU 20%) and can give the remaining time to one more revision

4) #focus #dontlietourself #innerpeace

when you are achieving any goal or when you are trying to prepare for any exam,it always depends on three things

B)your coaching and mentors
C)your hard work
whenever we face problem in study we usually focus and try to work on no.B or no.C(no.A is mostly ignored)
most of the time student feels a lot of guilt because they think they are not working hard enough(and in some cases it is correct)
but what i have observed in many cases is that students never look inside themselves and are not willing to resolve the inner conflicts and issues they are having……………90% of the problems can be solved if we keep working hard on ourselves……………

if you are solved from inside it will become very easy for you to search for right guidance
and if you are happy you will get the most of out of your hard work
5) #afterexamstartegy #reducemistakes

.After solving any paper or giving any test,go through the whole paper once and write down your mistakes and what has to be done to improve it for next time,

keep doing this and after some time you will see a pattern of your mistakes.
keep this copy for before exams

Before final exam go through these notes of yours to prevent  yourself from doing the same mistake in final exam.
6) #lifeskills #valuable #igaine
1.working under pressure

2.ignoring what others think

3.time management
4.facing competition
5.smiling even when you know it hurts
6. maintaining concentration
7.”saying no” to friends and family,when you know you have to
8.getting by less sleep and still using brain with full efficiency
9.seeing others win and move forward and still believing that someday i will to
10.respecting others coz i know its impossible to win every single time

7) #planning #systematicplan

1.completing theory,

2.doing question practice

3.solving paper in 3 hours time


never think that just because you are good at theory,it will be very easy to complete the paper in three hours.

solving paper needs planning and skill which gets developed by practice.that is why it is so important to regularly solve paper with time limit.
Find a mentor who guides u and then motivates u to make your own decision……

How to prepare for neet 2018

​how to prepare for physics:-
1)the biggest mistake students do is that they try to complete whole syllabus of physics(it is stupidity)

physics is not meant to be completed……….your job is to select out the most important topics and practice them rigorously..

2)you cannot base your selection on the basis of preparation of physics……………you have to be good in other two subjects…..

3)if you only solve past 25 year papers of neet/aipmt physics and complete the selective theory related to those questions alone………you will be easily able to correct 25 questions in physics in neet ,because in physics same type of questions related to the same theory gets repeated again and again….

4)if you are not able to afford coaching for physics,at least find someone to help you with past 25 year papers…………….and if you can afford a little, find a teacher to teach you only selected important topics of physics…..

5)if you have a lot of doubts in physics and your concepts are not clear… not worry…………… portion from past 25 year questions that you can easily solve ……and practice it only………..very few questions in neet physics are very hard……………most of the questions are of medium level….

6)complete the portion from where theory questions comes in physics…..

7)mechanics is not the selection deciding factor………….if you are good at it…..that is ok…….if you are bad at it…that is also fine……….because you can use that time to strengthen biology and chemistry……..

Inorganic chemistry:

1)coaching notes are the best place to study inorganic chemistry from.

2)most of the questions asked in inorganic are direct,information based and simple…………the key to succeed in inorganic is a lot of question practice because it takes very less time to solve questions in inorganic

3)read ncert once and only tick the portions that is not already covered in notes

4)s block, p block, hydrogen etc are the topics in which ncert has given a huge amount of theory(especially in p block)…………..try to have a read at it and only tick the important portion or the portion from where questions have been already asked in neet…………….it is very difficult to complete theory in these chapters and it is too bulky and hard to remember……….so instead of spending too much time in these chapters just read them,solve past year questions of them and move on……spend remaining time in rest of the inorganic…

strategy for neet 2018:-

1)do all the tough topics before December…..this is the best time to clear all your doubts of tough topics and get hold of them..

2)do as much experiments you want to do with your studies in the beginning……….this is the time to test new things..

3)never change what works………….if you have followed a particular way of study till now and it is producing you results,it is better that you continue in the same way…………if you want to try new things,try them,but build your new ways along with your already working old ways……..

4)find your mentor………..find someone who you can trust ……………..may be any of your teachers and be in continuous touch with them …………..they will be very helpful to you when you are confused and need guidance……..

5)if possible make friendship with past year toppers on facebook…………and directly talk to them…….their current knowledge on the pattern of exam and their exam experience can help you a lot…

6)your study material should be manageable……….do not take extra material unnecessarily………….always keep final exam in mind and develop a strategy about how you are going to revise all this…….

7)as per 2017 neet paper………you need to solve questions of medium level in physics and chemistry but you need to practice more and be precise…………you have to control the no. of silly mistakes
(a lot of very good students were unable to perform this year in physics because they have not been expecting easy paper…..and that is why they did a lot of mistakes which they would not have even imagined in their dream that they would ever do)

5 Simple Ways To Utilize The Power Of Gratitude And Live The Life You Want Now

images (3)

You have the power to change your life right now, but it might not feel that way. Much of adult life is spent worrying about what might happen in the future or complaining about what happened in the past, but gratitude can help you take control of your life and give you the tools to start building a new way of living. These 5 simple ways to utilize the power of gratitude will help you live the life you want now and give you back the power to succeed in your life.




1) Appreciate The Little Things


With gratitude, it’s important to start small. Focus on the little things in your life that you appreciate–you have enough to eat, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear–and retrain your brain. It seems like society is encouraged to think of the negative before anything else, but these destructive thought patterns keep you in the same depressing cycles and take your power away. Take back your power and focus on all the little things that you are grateful for. Give yourself a reason for gratitude and happiness now and your life will bloom!




2) Focus On The Present


It’s time to let go of what you can’t control and start focusing on what you can. Living in the present is one of the best ways to take control of your life. Instead of worrying about what was, or what might be, be grateful that you are alive now. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for right now, in the present, and focus on those things. No matter what is going on in life, there are always things to be grateful for. You might not be working in a job you like, but take heart! Instead of focusing on the bad, focus on what you are grateful for about your job–it gives you money to pay your bills, or enough for a vacation–and, if it’s still not what you want, take control and look for a new job.




3) Let Go Of The Past–And Be Grateful For What You Learned


The past can be full of hurt and pain, but you don’t need to live in the past forever. One of the major ways the past can take control of your present is by occupying your thoughts now. Use the past as a learning experience, be grateful that you were able to continue on after challenging situations and then let go by focusing on your present. The past can only hurt you if you choose to obsess over it. Take back your power and move on from the past.




4) Be Grateful For What You Have Now–While Envisioning A Bright Future


Part of taking control is realizing that your life is already wonderful, but giving yourself goals to work towards is a great way to channel your energy into positive pursuits. By focusing on gratitude now, it will be easier to accept when more good things come to you in the future. Your mind has been stuck on the negative for so long that you second guess when something good comes into your life and, instead of being grateful, you just wait for the next bad thing to come and ruin it. Change your mind and set it on gratitude and you won’t believe how your life will change!




5) Focus On Experiences And Not Stuff


People fill their homes with useless junk when they’re feeling bored or unsatisfied with their lives. One way to combat this hoarding is by investing in experiences and not things. Spend time with family and friends–go on adventures in your own backyard–and cherish the beautiful memories you create. No one can take away the happiness that comes from new experiences with people you love. Be grateful for the people and moments in your life where you’re having fun or doing something new and exciting, or even when you’re doing something mundane. Cherish all the beautiful moments you’ve spent with family and friends and you’ll be happier than you ever thought possible.




You have the power to rewrite the plot of your life. Though at times you might feel hopeless, all that you need to do is adjust your attitude. Changing your thoughts seems hard because it’s all on you. There’s no one else responsible for how you’re feeling other than yourself, and that can be a hard reality to face. But when you take back control over your feelings and start channeling your energy into what you’re grateful for, you will become the architect of your own life, instead of a nail that’s repeatedly hammered in.

Highly Effective Study Habits That Can Improve Your Performance



Natural intelligence is useless if not paired with hard work and dedication. To fulfill your academic potential and achieve everything you are capable of, you must put in the study hours. Luckily, studying is easier than your might think and, like most skills, can we worked on and improve with little effort. Here are 8 ways to improve your grades through more efficient revision and study.

 1) Where to study

Where you study is just as important as what you study. Before you pick up any book , find a spot which is most conducive to productivity. Find somewhere quit so u don’t get distracted and comfortable so u can sit for longer periods of time without getting restless.

A desk with an upright chair ideal for exam preparation, as it mimics the conditions you will be in when you take the test, your brain will subconsciously link the conditions you study with the material you are learning so on exam day the silent information will be easier to recall.

2) Look ahead

The most effective way of studying is to start early. Look ahead to when our exam are due and prepare well in advance. Give yourself enough time to study and you can break your revision down into smaller, more manageable parcels which are easier to commits to memory. There is no quickly fixing to learning large amount of material, so plan ahead.

Shorter study periods are less daunting and easier to get motivated for, so you will be more likely to keep to your study plans. Consistency is key and studying everyday overall a long time period is a tired and tested method of ensuring you stick to it.

3) Plan your week

Now you that know how long you have got to study, you the break the material down to ensure you cover everything adequately. Draw up a weekly timetable so you can see what you will be studying each day. Factor in down time and make it as reasonable as possible while still pushing yourself to reach your goal.

If you fall to stick completely to the plan one week, don’t panic. Ensure your lapse is a one off by assessing why you didn’t adhere to the schedule, making changes if necessary, and then getting straight back on the metaphorical horse. Stay flexible enough to roll with the puches but focused enough to stick to the plan wherever possible by reminding yourself of why you are studying and what you are working towards. Sacrifice and discipline now will pay dividends in the near future,

4) Eradicate distractions   

Set about minimizing or completely eliminating anything which might feasibly distract you from your task. You must be able to sit down in front of your study materials and give your undivided attention to the task a hand, so make it easier on yourself by completely removing anything that might cause you to break focus.

Turn off your phone and unplugged the TV and draw the curtains.

5) Pace yourself

Rome was not built in a day. If u start with grandiose ideas of achieving your goals in aweek, you will just set yourself up to fail realistic expectations, whilst not as exiting, are infinitely more conducive to success

Get yourself a small but achievable goal to complete everyday over a longer period. Five minutes every day will have a greater impact that one hour evry seven days. Consistence is king. The slow but steady approach requires foresight so plan ahead.

6) Rewrite

Rewrite your notes or study materials. Ensure the act of taking notes in class doesn’t distract you form listening and concentration on what is being taught by taking briefer, more concise, notes. Later on, rewrite those notes, expanding on what you have written with what you have learned. The physical act of writing down information repeatedly with help it sinks in.

7) Time management

Take time to configure and achievable weekly time table. Factor in other considerations and commitments in your life and create a schedule you know you can stick to. Be realistic in your approach and disciplined in your execution. Allocate a small study period to the same time everday and commit to it.

When you inevitably stray from your planned routine, don’t panic. How you react to indiscretions is the real test. Get back on the horse and slide straight back into the routine.

8) Environment

Now you have got your scheduled figured out, you need some where to study. Find a quiet corner where you feel comfortable. Try to find somewhere without distractions of sight or sound and where you can study without being interrupted.

If you are studying for a test, try to mimic exam conditions.