How to avoid gossips and embrace success.

downloadOnly those, who avoid distractions, will be able to embrace success.
Competitive examinations are difficult, but for those, who are not
prepared. Every year, hundred thousand of students appear in various
competitive examinations in India. Examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET,
AIPMT, CA and IAS etc. are known for their difficult patterns. Can you
think of cracking code of such an exam, without being fully equipped with
qualities like having a fertile brain, determined mindset, positive attitude,
proper guidance and immense hard work? If you can pull these
components together for you, only then would you rise as a winner in
these competitions.
Success vs distractions:
To know what success tastes like, you need to experience it all by
yourself. The journey to attain success is difficult, confusing and highly
challenging. But, having right guidance and self-discipline will make it
easy for you. There are various distractions, which cause trouble for you
and make it impossible to attain success. Here are some of the key
distractions that cost you a successful lifetime:
• Gossips
• Attraction towards opposite sex
• Fear of failure
• Lack of self-confidence
• Negative attitude towards life
• Lack of right guidance
To understand how the human mind is affected by all these points
mentioned above, you need to understand how the brain functions. A
competitive student’s brain is slightly different than the brains of normal
people. It is hyperactive and hypersensitive. It is like a magnet, working
hard and always under pressure. Hence, it is prone to all the negative
components present in the environment. Most of the students are
surrounded by various negativities, long before they know it. Students
with all the capabilities to crack the difficult competitive examinations fail
sometimes because their mind is caught up with doubts. Hence, along
with hard work and focused attention towards the goal, it is imperial to
cut down the negative elements and establish a strong positive thought
It is important to get rid of the distractions one by one, by understanding
them thoroughly. Starting with the habit of falling prey to gossips and
wasting your time, followed by another distraction that destructs your
chances of being successful.
How to avoid gossips:
There is a very famous quote, “Fools discuss people and winners discuss
ideas.” This is an apt thought, a wonderfully delivered message about the
importance of infallible focus. Gossips are short term entertainment. They
might provide you short-lived pleasure, with no benefits whatsoever. The
pleasures that don’t last longer are useless for anyone and especially for
the students appearing in competitive examinations.
The time period, when a student prepares for a competitive examination,
is highly challenging. It is full of difficulties, burdens, fears and problems.
Hence, it appears dull, dreadful and boring, for most of the times.
Switching to gossips and other quick entertainment options may seem like
a good idea, but it is never what it seems. These quick entertainment
ideas are nothing but a waste of time. You let them into your schedule
and they can take away all your prospects of becoming a successful
When you are a candidate appearing in country’s toughest most
examinations, you cannot afford to make such silly mistakes. Hence, your
first aim should be to seek guidance from experts and train your mind to
stay focused on studies. Do not waste your precious energy and trade
your dream, for the mere pleasure of gossiping and other sorts of
distractions. Because you are worth a lot more, and you can only find that
out when you are focused on a better tomorrow.


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