Teenage is one of the most crucial phases of every individual’s life. This is the time when you actually plan for your life and make critical decisions such as career choices. Coincidentally, this is also the phase, when everyone undergoes multiple kinds of distractions. Some of the most common distractions include inclination towards opposite sex, lust, over indulgence in entertainment, drug addiction and fascination for adventurous. There’s nothing wrong with having all these types of desires, as long as they are controlled well through a self-aware mind. But, having a stable and self-aware mind is not that possible during the teenage times. In order to achieve your dreams, you need to be more focused towards your goal and protect your brain against all the other types of distractions.

Understanding lust and infatuation at teenage:

Most of the teenagers misunderstand mere infatuation with love. The physical attraction towards opposite sex is the result of the hormonal influence and changes occurring in the male and female body during the adolescence period. This is the phase where the male and female reproductive systems start functioning. Hence, the inclination towards sexual attraction and indulgence in the related activities is quite normal. However, it could be distracting enough to cause you a loss of lifetime. If you are indulged in the activities like physical attraction and lust towards the opposite sex, it is hard to concentrate on any other work. The teenage period of very sensitive and the energy is on the highest peak. The teenagers are required to be guided by mentors about how important it is to cut down on the activities that merely waste your time.

The lusty thoughts and sexual desires are very common. Rather, they have a scientific reason behind them that justifies their occurrence in every teenager’s mind. But, the scientific reasoning does not suggest that these thoughts should be treated with complete positive attention. Students should not be wasting their time in thinking about the sexual fantasies, which are going to cause distractions and waste a lot of precious time.

Dealing with lustful distractions:

Both the sexes, male and female are vulnerable to sexual distractions during the tender years of their teenage. These thoughts may keep appearing on a frequent basis and if you don’t treat them with caution, they might find a permanent habitat inside your brain, leaving it distracted, deviated and useless.

The teenage years are the formative years of your life, and you have to make key decisions that define your life and career choices in the future.

What steps you take right now, are going to impact the life you are going to live for the years to come. Therefore, this is the time when you put in additional energy and fight against the demons of distractions. This is the time to shun the lustful and negative thoughts. Here are a few things, which you can try to keep away from lustful thoughts and concentrate on your studies:

  • Refrain you from indulging in erotica and watching porn.
  • Educate your mind about physical infatuation so that it is not overwhelmed every time you experience the same.
  • Talk to a guide or mentor, whom you can confide in. It will keep your mind clean from all doubts and distractions.
  • Prioritize your life and keep your career goals on the top.

Always remember, once you have your career is settled, you can have all the romance, love and entertainment that you seek. Everyone has a right person waiting for them and therefore it’s even more important to focus now on building a beautiful future for yourself and your loved ones.


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