The Secret To Problem Solving


Wise people always pay attention at the solution of the problem because they know that if there is a problem, the solution is also there. It just needs to be found. They are willing to put in energy, attention and efforts to find the right solution. Whereas, there are another kind of people, who are so stuck on the problem that they fail to see anything beyond it. As they exhaust all their entire energy and attention in worrying about the problem only, instead of trying to find a solution. Hence, positive attitude and understanding the problem are two key parameters to find a relevant solution to it.

Some problems may seem big but they aren’t as complicated as we make it out to be in our minds. Sometimes it only takes a little as look at them differently to come out of a difficult situation. Here’s a beautiful story to explain how you can turns things during bad times.

Once there was a great king. One day he was stepping out of his palace to take a stroll into the garden. As he stepped into the grass, a pointy thorn pierced through his feet. This made the king very angry. He wanted to resolve this problem completely. So, he invited the best of knowledgeable and intelligent people of the state to his palace. He asked those wise men to come up with such an idea so that no thorn ever pierced his feet or any other part of his body. The wise men kept on thinking for days and came up with a solution that the entire surface of the earth should be covered with the layer of leather. By doing this, there will be no scope of any thorn touching the king’s feet ever.

As the news spread in the state, the farmers got worried as they would be no land available for farming if the king went ahead with this plan. What would the people in the state eat? They requested the king to address this issue. The king called the experts again and ordered them to look for another alternative. The wise men came up with another solution, which was to hunt for all the thorns available in the state and burn them. Thousands of workers were deployed to look for the thorns, everywhere, on the trees, plans, under the dust on the road and in the gardens. They kept searching and the entire state was covered with dust. It became harder for people to breathe. They went to the king again and informed him of their plight. He called in the wise men for another meeting and ordered them to solve the problem.

The men suggested that water should be showered on the roads, paths and farms to minimize the impact of dust. Again, thousands of workers were deployed to do the job. Since the dust was too much, entire ponds and wells of the state went dry, while trying to help solving the problem. The entire state was in trouble. The king found himself surrounded by multiple problems and no solution. He was sitting worried in the courtyard, when an old man came up with a pair of shoes and presented them to the king. He said, “Beloved king, I have made you these shoes, kindly were them and your feet will be safe from the thorns.” The king was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see such a small and simple solution to the problem.

Similarly, often people are mistaken in understanding and over analyzing their problems. As a result, they end up creating more problems, not just for themselves but for others as well.

Simplicity is an ultimate secret to problem solving. Most of the times, for bigger problems, the solutions are always simpler.





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