Conquer Yourself To Conquer The World


Hindu mythology is filled with the stories of wisdom about life. Since the beginning of this world, people have been trying to seek the deeper meanings of life. They want to understand what is more important-Glory or peace, happiness or money, love or ego? There have been many stories, folklore, excerpts from the holy books and wisdom shared by the great gurus, trying to explain the meaning of life and its ultimate purpose for human beings.

According to Bhagwad Geeta, there is a famous saying that all the living beings on this earth have come empty handed and they will go back empty handed. They brought nothing of their own and they will take along nothing. Everything that they have built is going to be left behind when they leave this world. But still, human mind aspires, to achieve money, glory, power and success. Sometimes, the aspirations and desires grow to the levels of obsession and hence they eliminate the difference between right and wrong. They simply work hard to achieve whatever it takes to become the ultimate conqueror of the world.

But the question is that what should be done? Should people work hard to achieve the best of what they want or they should understand the truth about this world? What would help them to become a better human being? There is a wonderful story that talks about that in detail:

According to Jainism, in heaven, there is a parallel mountain to Himalayas, which is called Sumeru. It is the highest ever mountain and is made of Gold. It is studded with precious diamonds, rubies and other jewels. Whoever conquers the world gets the honor to engrave his name on this mountain after his death and departure to heaven, as a symbol of glory.

It happens only once in a thousand years that someone gets to become a Chakravartin aka conqueror of the world. Even alexander the great was not the conqueror of the world. This is a story about a Chakravartin, who had conquered the world and got a chance to go to the Sumeru Mountain up in the heaven to engrave his name.

As he reached there, with his prime minister, his wife and his commander-in-chief, to write his name, he was stopped by the gatekeeper, who suggested him to go alone. But, the king was adamant to take his people along because they had sacrificed their lives to come along with him and he wanted them to see his name glorified on the golden mountain. But, the king agreed to go alone to write his name first and then call the three in to see it as suggested by the gatekeeper. As he reached inside, he was stunned to see that there was no space for him to write a name. He was confused and he asked the gatekeeper about it. The gatekeeper told him that the mountain had been there for eternity and if he had to write his name, he would have to erase someone else’s name and write his own. This is what had been happening for eternity, as per the gatekeeper. The king decided to not write his name by erasing someone else’s because he knew this would happen to his name also, one day. He understood that there’s nothing in name and fame.

Humans are here on the earth to work, do their karma and they should never run away from that. They should work hard and relish all the enjoyments without growing obsessed to it. They should understand that everything that they have created is going to stay here. Hence, they should never be proud of creating anything. They should be humble and

intelligent enough to not look for credits for their work. They should know that whatever they have done has been done before. Time is eternal and their existent is just for a short span. To make it count, they should practice good deeds such as kindness, hard-work, humanity, LOVE and forgiveness.





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