Unleash The Power Of Determination


Will power and determination are the characteristics of the strong unlike people who fail to consistently follow path they set out for.

A person with energy but without determination are like aimless wanderers. Their energy is a wastage and they can do no good despite the great potential they might have. Therefore, no matter how small or big your aims are, if you are not determined and you do not have a great will power, your energy will not yield results. Determination is something requires hard work and you may face a lot of difficulties in achieving that.

There is a great story related to the power of determination.

Tibbet’s Lama recalls his life story to emphasize on determination. When Lama turned five, his father called him and said, “Son, now is the time for you to join school. Tomorrow, our old servant will take you to the school on the horse. In the school, there will be an entrance exam, which you need to pass. Once you pass the exam, you will have to stay in the school for 20 years, until you complete your education. And if you fail, then never ever return home, because, no one has ever failed in our family.”

He was told to not look back while riding the horse towards the school. Forget everything that you are leaving behind. Do not cry while leaving your parents alone in the home. The five-year old kid was really worried to hear these three conditions put by his father.

He couldn’t sleep the whole night. He kept thinking about the three things he was expected to do-One, not turning back while going to the school, not crying for parents and home that is left behind and never failing in the exam.

The kid was up whole night but despite of all worries and fear his determination to accomplish these three things was strong as a rock. Next day, when he was leaving for the school on the horse, he did not turn back, despite of the flood of tears trying to break through his eyes. He managed to not cry and reached the school for the exam. As the kid reached, the teacher asked him to sit at the door of the school with his eyes closed. He was supposed to not open his eyes until the return of the teacher. No matter how many days it may take for the teacher to come back, he was supposed to sit there with his eyes close and wait.

His old servant had already gone back home after dropping him at the school. And hence, the five-year old was left alone, having no way of going back home.

He sat there with his eyes closed and continued with his exam. The other kids in the school started troubling him. He wanted to defend himself and fight back. But, he was determined to do his task of not failing in the exam, as promised to his father. He stayed where he was, without opening his eyes.

He was hungry but he controlled his hunger. He was thirsty but managed to keep his eyes closed for two hours. After two hours, the teacher came and hugged him. The teacher said that the kid had cleared the exam by showing immense determination. He had potential and hence he could do something so difficult. He was welcomed and applauded in the class. It was then that his teacher said to him, The teacher said to the kid, “Son, do not see the kids who were bothering you as your enemies. They were sent to check your levels of determination. They are your friends. Power of determination and staying firm to whatever you decide to do, are needed to be tested against adverse situations. The one, who is determined against all the troubles, has strong will power.”

The Lama recalls from his early days of childhood and years of learning in the school. Over the years, he understood that his parents were not strict, neither were they heartless. Everyone including his friends, teachers and the old servant, were around him for a purpose. They all contributed in creating surroundings that helped him grow and become a person of great determination and strong will power.

Nowadays, parents are providing too much of comfort and luxury on their kids and limiting their scope for progress unknowingly. This may seem like great parenting now but in the long run, they are making their kids weak and aimless because the kids don’t have to struggle or fight for those luxuries and amenities.

The will power that we have is something that shapes our future. In another story by Osho, he recalls his experience of visiting a garden, where he saw different plants and trees with different characteristics. Some trees were tall, some were short, some had flowers, some had thorns, some had fruits, some just offered shade and greenery.

Osho wondered that all the plants and trees are grown in the same land, the same sun gives them light, the same clouds shower rain on them, then why they all are so different? He sought the gardener’s view on his curiosity. The gardener explained that each tree and plan is different than the other one because every tree has a different seed.

Similarly, even as most humans on this earth has the same resources but some become great as Gautam Buddha and Mahavir, whereas some end up leading an aimless life. People, who are surrounded with right guidance and have strong will

power, make the most use out of their energy. Whatever you have received is the result of your will power from the past. Therefore, it is essential for people to have strong will power and clarity of their goals.

If you are determined to do anything and you have the strength the endure the challenges that life throws at you, then you are going to achieve whatever you wish for. To become great, you need to have determination and ability to stand firm against all the examinations life throws at you. If you succeed in that, you are going to succeed in life and lead a meaningful and purposeful life.




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