The Hookup culture

The Forgotten Meaning Of Love In The Age Of Hookups: 
In the cyber world, love has been replaced with merely ‘dating’. Everything is available handy, effortlessly and online. You can get access to people of similar interest right away through a tap on your mobile screen. Online dating applications, social media networks, online hook-up platforms etc. are serving as quick solution to all the intimate needs of modern generation.
This quick availability of love and relationships has certainly reduced the intensity of the emotions. Teenagers and people in their early twenties are always flooded with options, hence they are always confused. This trend has caused lack of stability in relationships and people have stopped valuing the emotions. Understanding between two people and intimacy of emotions shared by them has been reduced to zero. Emotions have become options and people are not irreplaceable anymore.
How online dating has changed everything?
The youth is majorly indulged in exploring the quick and ready-to-go dating culture. Everyone finds it hard to sustain the similar relationship for ages. Misunderstandings have become common and people do not value the relationships enough to mend for them. Breaking off with your partner is not a big deal anymore. Heartbreaks do not lead to pain nowadays; they normally lead to hookups, one-night stands and dancing in the clubs to find new hook-ups. The endurance to rejection, pain and broken relationships has become negligible. Here are the key points that outline the entire cyber culture of love and relationships:
Hookups have become the trend
People do not just hookup because they want to or they need it, most of the time they do it to keep up with the trends. Yes! The modern social media generation sees dating, hooking up and casual sex as the latest trend. The one, who does not do it, is not keeping up with the pace!
Commitments are outdated
Gone are the days when commitments were considered the basis of relationships. People stuck with the one they loved. Nowadays, commitments are considered boring.
Everyone’s looking for short term connections
The present generation is too afraid to make promises and stick to them. Therefore, hookups are easy. It gives them access to all the fun, without being accountable to any of the emotional indulgence.
Emotions are overlooked
Because most of the people in today’s young generation do not value feelings and emotions of their partner, the connections only have physical intimacy. These hookups lack the depth of emotions, the magic of love and the beauty of promises.
Such hookups emerge as biggest distractions to the students who aim to accomplish certain career goals. The temptation of having a quick and open companionship is hard to fight. Therefore, most of the youngsters fall for the distractions easily. Students, who are focused on their career goals, understand that such exciting options can only offer short term pleasure and excitement. Hence, they do not get carried away with these options.
Conclusion: The Emotional Emptiness
The hook up culture may sound cool and amazing on the television screens, in music videos, on internet platforms or in the social media feed, but ultimately, it leads to emotional emptiness. Humans need physical, emotional and spiritual love. For their overall growth, all kinds of love and emotions are important. To imbibe these emotions in your daily lives, you need work hard. You need to fulfill promises, be committed and devote yourself to your partner and to the relationship. Those, who invest their heart, mind and body to nurture a relationship, ultimately achieve the bliss of experiencing the fulfilled life.
On the other hand, the quick, easy and emotionless hookups, may sound cool for a shorter period, but at the end, they only cause emotional emptiness.



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