Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol addiction: Biggest enemies of Youth

images.jpgWhether you flip through the music or television channel, click on any entertainment website or social media pages, drugs and alcohol are being glorified intensively. This trend is highly misleading and causing continuous hollowing of the youth. For every country, its youth is its power and strength. But, unfortunately, all the developed as well as developing countries are fighting with the demons of drugs.

The biggest challenge is to educate the young generation about how harmful the long run impacts of drugs are. Adolescent and young people are highly impressed and moved by the swag of pop singers and film stars. Whoever promotes the drug intake and related alcoholic activities as cool on screen is certainly creating a major hole in the establishment of the society and nation.

Kids nowadays do not understand that drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are not as cool as they may seem on screen. The continuous party culture, peer pressure, lack of rigid rules and overpowering presence of negative elements on social media, are collectively causing this trouble. Drug addiction is the biggest challenge for every nation to meet. Despite of governments having set the minimum age of alcohol consumption and despite of narcotics agencies putting ban on certain types of drugs, no major control has been emphasized. Underground parties with drugs like cocaine, hash, weed and other combination preparations are available handy to the young generation.

Once the drug is ingested in the human blood, it is hard to control the frenzy. These chemical preparations are powerful enough to cause severe addiction to human body. As a result, people, who consume them frequently, become dependent on these drugs. They cannot control the desire to have more and this becomes a vicious loop, almost impossible to break.

Students VS Drugs Addiction

Interestingly, the addiction of all types of drugs is common in students. The underage people are more prone to get addicted to not only alcohol but to all the other banned options of intoxication. Here’s what brainwashes young budding generation into intake of heavy duty drug preparations:

  • Lack of knowledge about negative effects of these intakes
  • Glorification of these intoxication activities
  • Lack of stricter laws and their implementation
  • Lack of guidance to young age people in leading their lives towards a positive purpose.

Most of the students start drug addiction at very early age because they have this misconception of these activities being claimed as cool. On the other hand, certain students choose alcohol and cigarettes as the source of stress busting. During exam times, while preparing for competitive tests and appearing through difficult examinations, the students are highly prone to pick up to these addictions. Once they fall prey to such ideas of temporary stress busting, they become permanent prisoners of the addiction and it’s after effects.

Rehabilitation: How Effective It Is?

The best way to fight drugs is to stay away from them. As long as the students manage to fight their stress without taking support from cigarettes and alcohol, they still have hopes for brighter future. If someone has fallen prey to the addiction, the rehabilitation becomes the only option.

Rehabilitation processes are long, slow and difficult. It is almost impossible for an addict to endure the same. It takes intense will power to beat the frenzy for drug consumption. Body and mind both suffer in the process of quitting in the smallest level of drug addiction. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. One should be guided to stay away from drugs, rather than relying on rehabilitation.

Students need to understand that they will do well to their lives, as long as they are healthy, away from any type of negative impact and willing to work hard against all odds. Temporary solutions cause permanent problems at the end. Hence, students should keep away from all types of drug addictions.



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