Internet Addiction

 19758168_1731547593540876_2059073149_n.pngThe Most Dangerous Yet Highly Overlooked Issue

If every time the mobile beeps and you turn towards it to answer, it has certainly enslaved you.

Internet addiction is the most commonly used term in today’s Web culture. Interestingly, the younger generation uses it as a slang for self-praise. With the strengthening of information technology, availability of computer, laptop and mobile devices and omnipresence of internet, mankind’s each generation has become internet savvy.

The arrival of social media is the biggest boom. People are connected with their immediate and extended social circle right away. Finding a date or buying a product, everything is just a click away on your mobile screen. Wireless fidelity and reduced date plans by mobile network solution providers have made everything possible on-the-go. The world is shrinking in literal sense people are developing a strong relationship with their mobile/computer screens.

Every morning, an average active internet user begins his day by scrolling the social media feed on his mobile. The social media channels are multiple, with unique features to keep the users enslaves. From Facebook to Whatsapp, Instagram to Pinterest, Twitter to Snapchat, everything has its own share of time, dedicated by its users. People spend most of their productive time staring at their mobile screens indulged in scrolling and exploring the never-ending content.

The content creators and curators are always busy creating the engaging and eye catchy text, animation, audio-visual and graphic stuff to keep the users glued to the screen. The click bait culture, powered with sensationalism is the core of internet content creation. This concept is working well with the users because the World Wide Web is indeed a web of information, entertainment, joy, anxiety and virtual reality. It is nearly impossible to get out of it.

Research Highlights on Internet Addiction:

Internet addiction has been the topic of major concern for researchers and scholars. Leading universities of the world have invested years of time, workforce and funds to understand the pattern of internet addiction. Over the years, various generic and specific researches have been conducted. The results have been overwhelming and based on that, the future forecast for human mind vs the internet, seems really frightening. Here are the key research highlights, curated from various research results:

  • People in their teenage, late twenties and late thirties are highly indulged in internet usage.
  • Most of these people are students.
  • Social media is one of the key sources that cause internet addiction, second is online infotainment/entertainment.
  • Sensationalism is the key to internet’s growth.
  • People suffering from depression are prone to internet addiction.
  • The key symptoms of internet addiction include-Anxiety, agitation, feeling of guilt, defensiveness, procrastination, reduced productivity, stress and isolation.

According to researchers, excessive time spent on internet has bad impact on physical health of people too. The major symptoms include weakened eyesight, severe headaches and backaches, frequent fatigue, disturbance in sleep and weight gain or loss.

Students are always surrounded with the devices and internet. They cannot completely boycott the system because they need internet in today’s advanced age of information. But, it is high time that self-discipline is imposed by the young generation to limit the usage of internet and not get carried away by pointless entertainment being served to them.

Most Common Yet Highly Overlooked Issue:

Internet addiction, as stated above, is one of the biggest issues faced by the World. However, it is being ignored and the users themselves do not understand the seriousness of the matter. It is high time that students, youngsters and all the other internet users should be educated to limit the usage. Educating ones to control their frenzy for internet addiction is the only way to overcome it.





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