How to overcome depression and negative thinking


The hardest thing about life is to live it in present. Human mind has become too habitual to look back to the past and worry about the future. Thoughts of human mind are always wandering in either the days that are gone by or the days that are yet to come. This endless shuttling between yesterday and tomorrow often costs us today. People have forgotten to live in the present. They do not enjoy living in present and this is what is leading to various stress related problems. The key to depression is negative thinking and the source to negative thought process is not living in present.

The more you worry about the future, the more anxious you would be. Similarly, the more you look back to the past, the sadder you would be. Therefore, experts of mind suggest that one should focus on the beauty of life and cherish it. Those, who fail to do that and regret what is gone and worry about whatever is to come, always suffer. Life becomes difficult for them. They feel like prisoners, locked away in eternal sadness and happiness seems to be an impossible thing to achieve for them.

There is a beautiful tale, which explains this concept in detail. Once upon a time, there was a fisherman. He used to wake up early and go to fishing. One day, he woke up way before sunrise and decided to go to work early. On his way to the river, he found a bag full of pebbles lying on the path. He picked it up and reached to the river bank. Since the sun was not up till then, he had enough time to sit and ponder over his thoughts, while he waited for the sun to rise. In the process of waiting, he started throwing the pebbles in the water, one by one.

He had thrown all the pebbles in the water by now. By the time, he was about the throw the last one, the sun came up. The sunrays fell on the pebble and it started shinning bright. The fisherman was stunned. He could not believe his eyes. It was not a pebble, it was a diamond. Now the fisherman suddenly went into the feeling of deepest ever grief. He started regretting his act of throwing all the diamonds in the water, without even conforming.

While he was busy sulking, a wise man was passing by the river bank. He looked at the fisherman’s condition and offered for help. He asked the fisherman about whatever was bothering him. The poor, guilt-ridden fisherman narrated the entire story to the stranger. Then, the man said, “Dear Fisherman, do not regret about whatever is gone. Rather, be happy for whatever you have received. Imagine how lucky you are to have the last diamond still in your hand. What if the sun rose a few seconds later, you must have thrown the pebble in the water by then, without knowing its importance!”

The fisherman had now understood the importance of living in present and being thankful for whatever you have. Tomorrow may bring anything good or anything bad. There are equal possibilities of grief of happiness. Hence, you should not pay attention to the time, which is passed or the time which is yet to arrive. You should live fully, the time, which you have right now. The time that is passing now, is what you have. The fisherman decided to stop worrying about anything and start appreciating whatever he had now.

People, who understand the importance of positive thinking and cut down on the negativity, they would keep depression and other ailments away, permanently. On the other hand, those, who are not paying attention on their mind’s ability to invite stress and negativity, will keep on pursuing the darkness. As a result, they can never experience the true bliss. The ultimate formula of a happy life is to understand that life is a journey and it has its own challenges and perks. For example, if there are speed breakers, bumps and fear of accidental damage, there are benefits of seeing a wonderful views and life changing experiences. All you need to do is, change your attitude towards life and everything will change.

Never lose hope, no matter how difficult life gets. Always remember, even the last seed has the potential to create an entire jungle. You just need to be patient, dedicated and have control on your fears. To become a winner, you will have to fight your inner fears and inner demons with strength and positive attitude. Even if life is tough, there would always be something, which is going right. But, due to our mind’s ability to capture sorrow first, we are not able to see that goodness. Train your mind to see positive in the mostly negative situation. Always look for a thing, which you can be thankful for.

People, who practiced being thankful in their lives, received millions of reasons to be thankful about. This is a chain, a cycle, an endless loop, which if channelized properly, becomes the source to happiness. You can only deal with depression by embracing the life you have. You will have to get over your fears, embrace life with all its flaws and enjoy the journey. Never worry about whatever is to come and never feel sorry for whatever has happened. Always enjoy the present and keep moving forward. Life is a journey, which only moves forward.

Meditation is the key to win over negative thinking and depression. Here, through depression, you train your mind to think about all the good things that you have in life. Human mind requires practice and repeated actions to ensure automatic installation and functioning of a thought process. To make this happen, you need to attend meditation seminars in the beginning, but soon, you learn to guide your mind towards positive thinking. It keeps you focused on removing all the stress and you can become healthy and happy from inside out.



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