Triumph Over Laziness To Be Successful

Work is for the living and rest is for the dead.
The saying implies the significance of hard work in human life. It also indicates that how difficult it is for humans to survive life without working hard to live. For those, who want to lead a wonderful life, should laziness at bay.
According to the saying, the easiest thing to get without hard work is death. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your life, you need to fight laziness with all your might. However, the journey of getting rid of laziness and all the other bad habits that hinder your progress, is not easy. It will take determination and perseverance.
There are different ways to fight this evil but it is very important to have your concepts clear. It will guide you to have a greater focus on your life goals. And the beginning of your work should be about the detailed understanding of human energy system.
The popular philosopher Osho has said through his great stories of wisdom that laziness is the source of failure. According to him, there are three layers of energy within human beings. The first layer deals with the day to day energy needs of the human body. With the energy available, humans take care of daily chores of their life. It enables people to have the energy required to eat, pray, work and earn their livelihood.
The second layer of energy that is found in human body is the energy which emerges for special purposes. This layer ignites when the need is high and human mind and body cannot handle the given task with first layer of their energy. For example, even if you are tired and feel too drained out of energy to stay up, you will jump out of the bed immediately if the house is one fire.
Where did that energy came from? It cannot be the first layer of energy because that was not sufficient to deal with such a sudden problem. That energy is designed to handle the day to day routine, whereas whenever the special need arises, the second layer of energy awakens.
Same happens in the case of meditation. Whenever you are trying to meditate, you can simply feel drained out because the usual energy circulation is not used to such task. It will give signals to your body that the energy is running out. But the meditation experts and gurus suggest that you should not fall for the messages related to low energy. You should ignore them because they are provided by the first layer and are hence irrelevant. If you stay tuned with the meditation and do
not pay attention to the tired and exhausted body caused by initial attempts of meditation, you will soon notice that the second layer of energy has been activated. That energy is indeed limitless and you would soon discover that how powerful the universe of energy within you can be.
The third layer of energy is all about the energy of the almighty, the one who is the supreme soul and the one, who has created this world. Hence, if you are able to unlock the second layer of energy and keep it functional with your constant efforts, you can definitely be able to unlock the third and supreme layer of energy. This is the stage in your life which shows you the ultimate path towards the meaning of your life.


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