Whatever you are looking for, is within you



Look within, all the searches end there! Everyone is seeking love, happiness and joy. Everyone wants to lead a prosperous and healthy life. But, how many are actually successful in doing that? How many people actually encounter true happiness, true love and everlasting prosperity? A very few! Why? The reason that explains this omnipresent question is that people are looking for the absolute joy, at all the wrong places. They are searching for everything in the outer world. No one is paying attention to whatever lies within them. They are too busy following the strategies of other people, taking the paths taken by successful people and copying them.

This is not the right approach to accomplish a great life. The secret to great life is in you. It is important for you to understand that love, peace, happiness, joy and health, everyone is already inside you. It is your job to discover it, unleash it. Doing this requires a lot of dedication and hard work. You need to concentrate on yourself more and less on the surroundings. As long as you keep wasting your time and energy on people in your surroundings, you may never accomplish whatever you desire in your life.

Once upon a time, there lived a beggar in a city. He spent his entire life begging from other people. His sitting place was fixed in the city. He used to sit on the same place by the road every day. Since he had been begging for decades, he had become famous amongst all the other beggars. People knew him as the king of beggars. This is the irony that even though he was a beggar, he was pronounced to be the undisputed king of his territory. Similarly, everyone in this world is begging for one thing or the other. If you look closely, you would find out that the actual king of the city is begging for more money, more power and more luxury. Hence, he is also a beggar of some kind.

On the other hand, the beggar, who does nothing and owns nothing, is renowned as the king of beggar community. This world is a strange place and strange things happen here. One day, the beggar died. Since he had no family and he spent his entire life, sitting at the same place by the roadside, no one was there to cremate his body. So, the people of the city decided to cremate him. The place, where he used to sit, had become very dirty due to the uncleanliness that beggar had practiced for all these years. The people decided to clean the place up. They also decided to dig the place and throw the dirty soil away.

As the citizens started digging under the beggar’s sitting place, they were awestruck to discover tons and tons of jewels, gold coins, money and other expensive items. Everyone was surprised to see the hidden treasure, right underneath the seat of the beggar. Everyone was shocked. The king was informed about the incident. People wondered how stupid the beggar was. He sat on money, all his life, without even knowing about it. Had he been little considerate of choosing hard work over begging and had he tried to big underneath his own self, he might have become the real king.

The whole city was in shock. Everyone was talking about the beggar and how stupid and lazy he was. No one had any other topic to discuss. The only issue that everyone was interested in talking about was the beggar and the hidden treasure underneath his seat. A wise man was passing through that street one day. He saw a bunch of men standing and discussing about the beggar’s entire life. The man stood there and listened to them calmly. Once they were finished talking, he said, “Why are you wasting your time in analyzing what the beggar did? If you waste your time discussing about someone else’s failure, laziness and stupidity, you might end up being like him. Why? Because you are not paying attention under your own seat! You are not digging it out. As long as you don’t dig your own seat, you never know what all treasures you are missing on.”

The wise man left and got everyone thinking. Yes! Everyone was wasting his or her time analyzing the wrongdoings of the beggar. They were assuming how different the life of the beggar would have been, had he cared to dig under his own seat.  The wise man had given them the lesson of a lifetime. Whatever we are looking for, is within us. We spend our entire life looking for it, outside, in others. Similar to what the beggar did. He lived a life of poverty and dirtiness. He was dependent on others for food, shelter and everything. He never tried to dig his own self and find what lies underneath, for him.

Don’t be like the beggar. Do not look up to others to fulfill your needs. Stand up and work for yourself. Dig within and see what jewels are hiding for you. If you fail to do this, you will end up living a life, which is surrounding with endless pain. A life, where you are not working towards your self-betterment, is a life which is empty. Do you want to lead an empty life? Imagine how it would be to spend your entire life looking at others and not believing in yourself! Therefore, the secret to happiness and a fulfilled life lies within you.

You need to look beyond the challenges of life and start discovering yourself. Understand your flaws, accept them and work towards building a better you. The best way to receive love is to give love. Hard work is the source of excellence. You should always keep working towards your advancement and never pay attention at the lucrative easy ways of following the crowd. The crowd is always misleading. Don’t get carried away. Keep going forward on the journey within you.


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