The Ultimate Truth: Crowd is collective unconsciousness

There is a very beautiful saying, “Don’t think what others are thinking.” It is very positive and can change your life for good if you adopt it. But, is it that easy to adopt such sayings in life. The hardest thing is to convince you to bring the change. We are raised in such a way that our minds are already conditioned to listen to the opinion of the society. In the wake of doing that, people often miss the simplest of joys of the life. They end up doing what the society wants them to do and hence leading nowhere. People are conditioned in such a way that it takes them a lifetime and beyond to understand the value of their dreams. It is almost impossible for such people to break the conventional barriers and chase their dreams.

When you start thinking about other’s opinion, more than your own, trouble begins. If you start paying attention to other’s preferences about your life, you may never reach at any place whatsoever. Having respect for other’s opinion is fine. But, to integrate it in your life or not, is the question of wisdom. Wise people never get carried away by other’s point of view. They keep calm, analyze and then take any decisions. They do not go blindly behind other’s words. This is what keeps them ahead of time and saves them against all the troubles.

Crowd is nothing but collective consciousness. If you look around, you would find that whenever people have gathered in a faceless and shapeless herd, they have always created problems for the world. Mob is often responsible for killings, murders, genocides and what not. The history is evident. Therefore, you need to be consciousness and not follow the crowd blindfold. Always follow those people, who are doing well to the society. But, do not follow them blindly as well. Analyze their each step and then decide whether to go with it or not. You are a complete soul in your own. You do not need the crowd’s conformation for your existence. Be kind and spread joy. This is the only way to experience immense pleasure. You should never forget that you are here on this planet to make it a better place for everyone. You cannot do it by following the blind mob.

There is a very interesting story from the old times, which deals with the concept of crowd and how it is a collective unconsciousness. Once upon a time, a family was traveling. There were four members in that family and a donkey. The family members included the man, his wife and his two kids. They all were walking along with the donkey. When they crossed a village, a bunch of people looked at them and laughed. The crowd said, “Look at these stupid people, they have a donkey, but still they are walking on their feet. Why don’t they sit on the donkey and walk?”

The family listened to the crowd and thought they should sit on the donkey. All four of them sat on the donkey and continued with the journey. As they reached to another village, they met another bunch of people. Those people looked at the family in disgusted way and said, “How cruel and stupid these people are. All four of them are riding on the poor donkey. Why can’t two of them walk down and two ride the donkey. Parents are big, they can walk. They should put the children on the donkey.”

The family again paid attention to the crowd and the father and mother climbed down. Only the kids were riding the donkey now. As they continued with their journey and reached the next village, they again encountered some new people. The crowd looked at them and said, “Look at the kids, how selfish. Their parents are walking by foot and they are riding the donkey.” The kids were ashamed to listen to the comments of the villagers and they got down. Now the parents were riding the donkey and the kids were walking by foot. Now they reached another village. There also a judgmental crowd waited for them. The crowd looked at them and laughed. They said, “Look at the stupid people. Two are walking along and two are riding, whereas, all four of them can ride the donkey.”

By this time, the family was tired of climbing up and down the donkey by listening to the crowd. But, they didn’t know what to do. Hence, they decided to start walking the way they had started the journey. They had now realized that listening to others is not going to ease their life. The moral of the story is that listening to others takes you nowhere. No matter whatever you are trying to do, there will always be people, who would find fault in your doing.

People, who do not listen to the crowd and look within for answers, are likely to find the ultimate joy. The best way to lead a meaningful life is to have your conscience working fine. You need to look for the internal consciousness. It may not be an easy task but it is definitely a great way to pursue life. All the difficulties that you are going to face are meant to make you stronger in every possible way.

Being carefree is an art. By being carefree, you do not become careless. You completely understand your duties and work for them. Similarly, you understand the value of finding ultimate joy in the little things. This can only be done, if you have valued yourself as an individual, who has the ability to grow his or her own thought process. Always remember that you do not know what the life is going to bring for you. It is also important that you understand that everything that you have, might vanish one day. The only thing that you have is, today. Make the most out of it. Do good deeds and accomplish the goal of achieving ultimate pleasure.


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