Self Confidence: The Key to Successful Life


In life, people always encounter such situations, where there self-belief becomes doubtful. It becomes difficult to understand that who should you trust, yourself or the outer world. This dilemma is very common. But, should you fall a prey to it? Or should you analyze your inner voice to understand right and wrong. Many times, over and over again, the knowledgeable people and masters of mind have mentioned that people need to listen to their inner voice and have faith on themselves. If they fail to do so, others might use them for their personal benefits. If you don’t have trust on yourself, life may become a difficult thing to live.


Always remember that for others to use you and hurt you, your internal weaknesses are very important. If you are week from inside and do not hold a strong personality, you might fall prey to other’s negative deeds. There is a very interesting story about a villager and his goat. Once upon a time, there was a poor villager. He went to this city for some work. There he bought a goat in five rupees. He was happy to have purchased a healthy goat for five rupees, as he had used his hard earned money at purchasing a good thing. He was happily walking towards his village that six thugs of the city saw him. They wished to loot away the goat so that they could have a mutton party with their friends. But, all of the thugs were very weak physically. The villager seemed to be a healthy and strong man. No one wanted to mess with him directly. So, they all made a plan to con the villager.

While the villager was walking down the lane, one of the thugs went near him and asked him that from where he bought the dog from. The villager laughed and said, “It is not a dog can’t you see, it is a goat.” The thug gave him a strange look and went ahead. The villager smiled and thought the man was mad and he started walking towards his path. As he reached few meters ahead, another thug met him there. The second thug also asked the same question about the goat, calling it a dog. The villager corrected him too. But, this time he was a little doubtful and not as confident as the first time. He began to think why everyone was claiming the goat to be a dog. He began to doubt himself and lost in his thoughts, he continued walking.

The next thug was waiting for him at the turn of the path. He smiled at the villager and started walking by his side. He looked at the goat and then looked at the villager. The villager was already apprehensive and didn’t want to talk to the strange guy. The thug then started with the conversation. “Nice dog. Where did you get it from?” The villager was stunned. He did not know what to answer. Was everyone seeing the goat as dog? Or was his wrong and it was a dog only! He began to feel doubtful about his own conscience. He was not sure if the animal was dog or a goat. He could see it that it was a dog, but still he wasn’t sure now. Why couldn’t he believe his own eyes? Why everyone was seeing the goat as dog? Maybe he was wrong and everyone else was right. He became doubtful on his own instincts and decided to get rid of the goat or dog whatever it was.

He started walking towards the path of his home. The thugs were secretly following him. He went ahead to find a secluded place. He unleashed the goat there and left it behind. He did not want to take the thing home, which he was doubtful for. The thugs were very happy because their plan had worked. They were able to break the self-confidence of the villager and hence the goat was theirs. They were ready to party whole night with some delicious dinner having mutton dishes in it.

On the other hand, villager was relaxed that he got rid of the trouble. He was sad about his hard earned five rupees but he wanted to forget the entire case. So, he went ahead, leaving his goat behind, which he had begun to think as a dog. The morale of the story is that had the villager trusted his own instinct, he would have never been fooled by the thugs. He was looted and he didn’t even know it because was busy doubting himself.

The more you doubt yourself, the less you are able to pay attention at the others. What is happening around you is filtered by that doubt and as a result, you become prey to the harmful plans of others. Anyone can make a fool out of you. The less you trust yourself, the more you are prone to the loss. You open the doors of your life to others and they can do whatever they want. This is the key to your biggest loss. The villager lost his goat, but the thugs got him to thinking that he got rid of the goat for his own good. This is the mind game trick, which people play with you, when you lack self-confidence.

The less you trust yourself, the more you began to trust others. Once others control the trust factor in your mind, you are able to manipulate your life the way you want to. It is like handing over the remote control of your life to someone else. That means they have the control over your moods and experiences. They can cause you happiness, sadness, loss or benefit whenever they want to. If you do not have self-confidence, you can never be successful. Your life would be challenging and you would not be able to control it. The ones, who know how to handle their self-confidence and how to handle the doubts arising in their own self, are truly successful.





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