Lust: To Act on It or Not?

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What is lust and how it affects a student’s life? Now before answering this question, a new question that automatically pops up, has to be answered first. Why the discussion of lust is about students, most of the time? Actually, lust and students have a deep and strong connection. The hormones, which cause human growth, hence sexual setup in human body aka reproductive organ growth, are responsible for causing lust. You can say that lust is side effect of these hormones or maybe a symptom. And, it is evident by science that the amount of hormonal changes mainly takes place at the adolescent age. The teenagers are the ones to witness these changes within their body. Most these teenagers are students. Therefore, lust has a direct connection with students.

The definition of lust has already been discussed. But, to simplify the term for a layman, it can be said that it is a strong and uncontrollable desire to have physical intimacy with the opposite sex. This is an intense emotion and it takes place due to the hormonal changes caused by the growth of human reproductive system in human body. However, lust is not necessarily limited till young age people. It can occur in any person’s mind and body at any age. The core reason is the presence of hormones in every human body.

Nowadays, with the excessive presence of sexual and erotic content on the internet, the scenarios have changed. Students nowadays have quick access to internet and hence they are exposed to erotica, porn and various other types of sexual content. Hence, the sudden enhancement of the hormones in their bodies, causing lust’s emergence, is quite a common concept. The modern generation has lost the concept of patience. They are experimental and wish to pursue the path of exploring their sexuality like never before. This has opened doors for various risks such as psychological disorders, disturbed lifestyle, sexually transmitted diseases and unhappiness.

As per various researches and surveys, students, who have indulged in premature sexual activities due to excessive presence of lust emotions in their mind, are deviated from their path of success. There is a famous story about a monk, who was very strict and dedicated to meditation for life. He wanted to stay away from any kind of lust and attraction to opposite sex. There was a woman around, who was not pretty and she used to help providing water, food and other things for the monk. Since the monk was getting strong contender of entering to heaven, the God of heavens Indra got scared. He wanted to distract the monk so that he could not be successful in his meditation. So, he sent a beautiful woman to the monk’s place.

The monk was impressed by the beauty of the woman and wanted to have her. His lust began to increase and hence he was distracted from the main aim of reaching to the heavens. As a result, he lost the opportunity of lifetime of happiness because of his inability to control his lust. Therefore, people, who are deviated due to the short-lived pleasure created by lust, lose grip on their life. They lose focus and cannot achieve the required success. When you are stopped by the speed breaker of lust, you can never lead the path of success. Hence, you should take your steps clearly, which would ensure that you accomplish success without failing at any level.

The Big Question: To Act on It or Not?

 This article is basically about the debate that whether students should act on their lust driven desires or not. If yes then why and if no then why not! Well, the answer to this question is quite obvious. The students should not indulge in following the trail created by the feeling of lust subsisting in their minds and bodies. Why? Because lust is nothing but mere distraction! Students are undergoing serious physical changes and they have most formative years of their studies and overall growth. Hence, if they are trapped in the sexual fantasies, they might not grow in the core areas.

Sometimes, lust leads to establishment of ailing relationships amongst boys and girls, leaving them hopeless. Since these relationships are based on lust and sexual desire, they only have room for physical abuse and intimacy. Hence, there is no emotional connection. It leads to broken up relationships and depressed people. Hence, this should be avoided to avoid the unnecessary trauma.


You should understand that lust normally leads to nothing but establishment of sexual relationship with the other party. Once you begin to have frequent sexual intercourse, you may invite various other troubles, which you are not ready for. These troubles can be as minor as distraction to as major as sexually transmitted diseases. The threat of you being trapped in an abusive relationship is also very common.

You should never tease your lust and never play with it. This feeling has the ability to distract you from your work and indulge you in the sexual activities. You need to stop lust from taking you to places where it wants to. It is not impossible to keep a tap on lust. With strong will power, right understand and required support, one can overcome this feeling. You need not to be afraid of lust, rather be aware that it is nothing but a scientific process and a part of human body. Once you understand this as a part of your body, you are not intimidated by it. As a result, you can control your lust better and with confidence.


Hence, you need to act on your lust, but to control it. You should not flame your emotions of lust because they can always backfire and harm you. Do not play with lust, rather control it. Do your work and achieve success. There will be enough time for you to explore other pleasures in life. But, this time is the most precious and once you lose it, you may never get it back.


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