​Masturbation: Right or Wrong?

Masturbation is one of the most common activities amongst youngsters and people of each age. People develop sexual and reproductive hormones after they hit puberty and as a result, they have sexual fantasies and requirements. To meet their sexual desires to receive pleasure, people either indulges in establishing physical relationship or by self-pleasure. By the process of self-stimulating their genitals, people seek arousal, followed by sexual pleasure. This practice is common that establishing physical relationship because no other party is involved and as a result, people fulfill their needs of sexual satisfaction, without taking the risks of unsafe sex or indulging in emotional relationships. 
However, the excessively frequent practices of self-pleasure may lead to negative results. As per sexual health experts, there is nothing wrong with providing pleasure to your body by gentle touching, stroking and massaging but it also causes distractions. As per sexual health experts, it is very important to masturbate so that people can balance their sexual energies and stay away from various mood swings that it causes. The better you know about your sexuality, the lesser you are entrapped by it. 
But, in modern times, most of the people do masturbation for quick pleasure. They are not interested in exploring their own sexuality. As a result, they are facing serious issues of increasing physical desire, anger and disturbance at each step. People also not have the freedom to talk about their sexual fantasies and desired because it is seen as taboo in public. Therefore, they hide behind the closed doors, switch on some porn videos and indulge in pleasing themselves. This is not the right approach as it may provide quick arousal and pleasure, but it causes negative effects in the long run. People get used to the instant pleasures and hence their put their imagination and senses at stake to enjoy such quick pleasure. 
In modern times, the highest number of people indulged in self-pleasure are either the ones, who have just hit puberty and have their hormones high. These are the teenagers; most are the ones dealing with their adolescent emotions. Second type of people is the ones, who are more than the age of fifty. These two groups do not indulge in sexual intercourse that frequently. This is the reason that they choose to meet their physical requirements by touching themselves. 

Teenagers are students and hence they are undergoing the most formative years of their lives. Their mind needs to be focused towards their growth and therefore, sometimes, their sexual fantasies and desires may become the hurdles. These activities, in the wake of providing them short term pleasure, may cause those troubles in the long run. They might lose sight of their aim of growth and end up into mediocre lives. Therefore, experts in sexual health recommend that they should have control on their minds and lives. They should entertain their sexuality but in a balanced way. If they do not pay attention towards the knowledge part of sex and masturbation, they might end up being puppets of lust. It will only cause them distraction and hence ruins their lives in the long run. It is important for the students that they understand the impact of frequent masturbating to have a better grip on their lives. 
How Masturbation Affects Students:
Everyone masturbates and it is perfectly normal. It turns abnormal only when people start doing it in excessive way. Excess of anything is wrong. It only causes trouble to the people indulged in it in terms of physical and psychological trouble. This is the reason that students need to balance their sexual and routine life. They cannot indulge in sexual fantasies every day. If they get carried away by every tiny desire of their hormones, they might end up being a distracted bundle of energy, having no purpose and no goal at all. Here is a quick view of how masturbation affects lives of students:
Masturbation releases positive hormones.

It is a healthy practice and keeps the sexual energies in balance.

It keeps people away from making unsafe sexual relationships with any random person.

It helps people in establishing a positive mindset and concentration.

However, excessive masturbation and indulgence in self-pleasure activities causes distraction.

Ironically, the way masturbation causes healthy hormones, excess of such activities may affect people’s health negatively. 

Excessive interest in erotica and porn may distraction people and freeze their imagination. As a result their growth may stop. 
In short, there are both positive and negative points of this process. Both the sides depend upon how you pursue your sexual interests. If you are deeply indulged the same thing again and again, you might end up causing trouble to yourself.  On the other hand, if you know how to balance your body’s needs and how to control your mind, you can definitely achieve great benefits for yourself. You can explore the pleasure without facing any issues and negative effects. 
You should understand that it is a natural process. There is nothing to be ashamed of it. Get rid of the social taboos that you have been carrying in your mind unconsciously. You should control your desire to masturbate, not because it is bad, but because excess of anything is bad. On the other hand, you should focus on understanding your sexuality and enjoy it that way. It will empower you to have grip on your mind. You will know when to stop and once you know it, you understand the ultimate secret of your life. 
It is easy to get carried away with your hormonal rush. But, the ones, who are stronger and have grip on their thoughts and mind, do not get carried away that easily. It helps them to grow, without giving up any pleasures but also without becoming a prisoner to them. Unleash your mind’s potential and to do that, remove all the hurdles that are standing in your path. There are various methods to gain information about it. You can take help of internet, books and knowledgeable mentors in this field to make the process simpler for you. 


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