​Is Underage Sex Good For Health?

Sex has always been a debatable issue and especially in eastern culture. Based on the cultural norms, social rules and religious aspects, there are various Dos and Don’ts for people trying to have sexual intercourse. But, here the discussion is not about cultures but health. How sex affects human health? Since sex is the utmost energy. It is the energy of creation.  Therefore, it has the ability to affect mind, body and soul of mankind. Hence, it is important that people are educated about the right age of having sex and right ways of doing the same.

Unfortunately, the unrealistic pornographic content available online has changed the entire mindset of modern generation. The youngsters, hitting puberty, grow up watching such filthy and unrealistic sex videos. Hence, their imaginations grow in those directions only. As a result, they are not able to understand the concept of sex as a subject of education. They are rather carried away by the dramatic and indulgent sex styles that they want to practice all of them in their real lives.

Since the teenagers are not aware of the actual truth of the industry and little they know about their own budding sexuality, they end up making mistakes. These mistakes lead to horrendous results many a time. Unprotected sex, unhealthy ways of sexual intercourse and unwanted aggression are some of the evils that subsist in pornographic sex videos. These videos alter the mindset of the teenagers and block their imagination. As a result, not only their psychological, but physical and emotional health is affected. 

Pornography encourages teenagers to indulge in underage sex. The term underage sex here means having sexual intercourse in the age where their bodies are not completely developed to experiment with sexual energy. However, the hormones start bursting when the child hits puberty and this is the time when desire for sexual intimacy begins to thrive. If the kids are not exposed to the unrealistic porn, they might not be that prone to damages. But, watching porn during the beginning of the sexual intimacy desire is harmful. It busts out the energy and snatches away the sweet feeling of growing up. All it leaves the human mind is with lust-uncontrollable and unbearable lust. And once the lust controls the mind, it’s even harder to stop the negative effects.

When people begin to indulge in sexual activities at underage, they are not able to handle the overall flow of hormones. They begin to stay angrier as compare to the normal days. They are disconnected from the real world and their emotions get complex. Along with this, they face various serious health related threats also. This is the time when people do not understand the importance of safe sex and hence they make themselves prone to various sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Here are a few areas, where premature sexual intercourse affects humans:

Underage Sex vs Emotional Health

Emotions begin to outburst along with the outburst of hormones when a kid hits puberty. This is the time, when the mind needs to be educated about sex. But, with the availability of various unwanted content of sex, it is hard to protect kids from pornographic content. Once the kids indulge in such activities, they begin to lose control on their basic emotions. Their imagination deviates only towards the hateful and animal-like sexual intercourse. As a result, the emotional disturbance increases. The kids during their puberty tend to lose emotional balance and control if they indulge in underage sexual intercourse. They feel a weird level of attachment with their opposite sex partner and confuse it with love. This also causes emotional turbulence and it is very fragile phase for every child. Parents and teachers need to be extra cautious and provide complete emotional support to the children. 

Underage Sex vs Physical Health

Your body may have started releasing the hormones but it is not ready right away to undergo the experimental and rough sexual intercourse. Hence, indulging in underage sex is basically abusing your body and torturing your organs. One should not indulge in any kind of sexual activities, before knowing the intricate details about it. Safe sex should be the utmost concern for everyone to prevent the dissemination of harmful health issues. A healthy body is the source of healthy life. Do not ruin your life to experiment with your body, even when it is not ready. 

Underage Sex vs Psychological Health 

When someone has underage sex, it totally brings a massive impression on the mind. The kid is too naïve and too young to escape the wide and huge psychological impact of indulge in physical intimacy with someone. All the emotions and thoughts of the kid begin to twist and pass through a confusing phase. This is the time when such people require help. They are not able to concentrate on their studies, they cannot control their anger and they cannot think of anything but sexual intercourse. 

The parents must understand the importance of making their children aware about sexual intercourse in an educational manner. It should never be seen as a taboo. Also, sexual intercourse should never appear as a gigantic concept on the tiny minds. The human mind is fertile and endless in terms of potential. If it is not treated right, it may lose its essence. 

If a child is emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy and balanced, then only he or she can grow up to be a wonderful human being. To ensure overall growth of a child, it is important to protect the child against all the negativity. They should be educated about sex and suggested to wait until they are of right age to explore their sexuality. They should be told the truth about unrealistic porn videos so that nothing extraordinary and impractical shields their mind.

Sex is a positive energy as it has the caliber to create. If it is treated right and used systematically in human life, it can bring joy, positivity and happiness. If you are of right age, you can go ahead and have safe sex, to be happy, create the world and prevent yourself from diseases


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