Be Creative to Lead a Fulfilling Life

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Creativity is source of happiness. It helps human mind to stay recharged and churn out new and creative ideas. Human mind is filled with countless ideas and thoughts. To bring the best out of your brain, you need to acquire required skills. People are born with the foundation of certain skills. For example, some people are born with the ability to think creative, some are born to paint, draw and write. All these talents are meant to be shaped and the skills are meant to be honed to create something tangible.

The process of exploring your talent and learning the required skills may be challenging but it is always a path that leads to true happiness. The more you create, the better you feel. Creativity helps you create positive emotions in your mind. To become creative, you need to understand the inherent qualities in you and work hard to excel in those abilities.

How Creativity Affects Your Life for Good?

It has been proven in the results of research conducted by various universities and research organizations that creative people are more productive. People, who have enough room for creativity in their life and mind and the ones, who practice the same daily, always stand ahead in the line of growth. Such people stay happy and hence their mind functions effectively, as compare to those, who prefer the dull and boring methods to handle life’s challenges, rather than choosing the creative ways.

Happy hormones are released by your mind, when you are doing something creative. Therefore, it is recommended by the psychologists and experts of human mind that people should look for creative ways of doing the same work. This breaks the mundane cycle of your daily life and provides you breathing space. You automatically feel uplifted and happy. The one, who has cracked the code of staying happy in day-to-day life, has conquered the secret called life.

How to be Creative?

The next biggest challenge is to understand the concept of creativity. Now that you know how it affects your life for good, it is also important that you learn how to become a creative person. One should always remember that each mind is unique and has its own capacities of creating ideas, things and concepts. You need to enhance this ability of your mind by recognizing your potential. Experts also suggest that you should choose the creative ways to do your routine work. Here’s a list of basic things that you can practice to be more creative and active in the field of creation and excellence:

  • Use interesting and engaging methods to do the dull routine work.
  • Add the exciting element of creativity to your ordinary lifestyle.
  • Always take out time to do the things you really love to do.
  • Never leave your hobbies behind. Always pursue them.
  • Take a break from your routine lifecycle to do the activities that you like.
  • Travel, because traveling is very important for every creative task. It opens your mind.
  • Read and watch inspiring stuff, it opens your mind.

These are a few things that you can practice. Apart from this, creativity and the act of being creative is very personalized process. It is not generic. People with different minds and different creative skills have different abilities. Hence, they better know that how can they pursue their path to becoming creative, better. It is always a great idea to take assistance and guidance from the experts in this field. The direction is always going to function as the guiding light, helping you to achieve your aim of life. Be creative to be happy and successful in your life.

Whether you are a business owner, educator, or independent creative artist, you know the value of creativity and ingenuity. As technology and other shifts occur faster and faster, it’s increasingly important to meet challenges with a creative mind set. Yet, certain habits sabotage our potential.

Here are ten habits that limit your creativity, both in your carrier or business and in your personal life.

1) Limiting your definition of creativity

Our culture has a certain stereotype of what creativity entails. This makes all too easy to simply conclude that creativity isn’t in your DNA. This is, forever, a limited and rather dated view of creativity. There’s ample room for creative ideas and innovation in evry field and in any type of project. Technology, business, entertainment, education, and other fields all depends on creative thinking.

2) Information overload

If you research too many possibilities, you and up getting overwhelmed.There’s evidence that having too many choices leads to paralysis.That’s why, for example, a business might do better by not offering customers too many styles or favors. When you are trying to spark your own creativity, the same principle applies. Don’t try to absorb too many in formations at once. Consider one possibility at a time.

3) Listening to negative people

Nothing kills creativity like listening to uncreative people. Unfortunately, this includes people close to u, such as friends, family members, and colleagues who are critical of new and innovative ideas. If u has an idea, its best either keeps it to yourself or only share it with people who are in sync with your thought process. Once you have developed an idea it’s not as vulnerable. In the early stages, who ever, it’s easy to let other peoples skepticism discourage you.

4) Perfectionism

While perfectionists can take pride in their high standards, they also limit themselves in many ways. Are you only comfortable doing something when you’re fairly certain of a successful outcome? If so, you’ll find hard to start a new business, write a book, or invent a new technology. Almost all creative endeavors start off sloppy and are full of mistakes. The best way to unleash your creativity is to start off without worrying about success or failure. Make changes, edits, and corrections later. Even if yoy end up scrapping the whole project, you’ll have learned something. Perfectionists, however, are often afraid to start.

5) Staying within your comfort zone

Do you find new technology intimidating? Does social interaction or public speaking cause you anxiety? Or does the thought of writing a paper or book fill you with dread? To expand your horizons, it’s usually necessary to explore new modes and methods of communication. Venturing outside your comfort zone opens up your creativity. There are new modes and methods of communication. Venturing outside your comfort zone opens up your creativity. There are benefits to doing this in very area of your life. If you haven’t left your home city in years, take a trip, learn a new skill. Meet new people. Such actions open you up to new possibilities, even if it’s a little uncomfortable at first.

6) Clinging to the familiar

One of the most common blocks to creativity is the tendency to stick with what’s traditional and familiar. If everyone dis this, progress would never occur in any field. Whether you’re attached to a certain way of thinking, ideology, technology, or way of doing business, it’s always best to stay open to new possibilities. Even if something has worked for years, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution now. In a time when new technologies are disrupting industries everywhere, you simply can’t afford to dismiss new possibilities.

7) Believing in only one solution

It’s the hallmark of creative thinking to consider multiple alternatives in any situation. Even in fields such as science and mathematics, expert’s now recognize that multiple solutions are often possible. If you insist on pursuing the one right answer, you close yourself off to possibilities that might offer real benefits. Is there a faster, cheaper, more efficient or less wasteful way to accomplish a task? If you fail to ask these questions, you’ll be stuck in a nut.

8) Constant stimulation

This is a problem that’s pervasive in our culture. While it’s possible to stimulate creativity while browsing website, exploring apps on your phone, or watching TV, if you’re constantly stimulated you aren’t giving your mind the quite time it needs to rejuvenate. Spend some time away from media and devices. Get outside and take walk in nature. Meditate, recognize that everything won’t fall apart if you unplug for an hour or two.

9) Being too serious

Some of the most creative people in the world are known for their playfulness, sense of humor, and childlike sense of wonder. There’s ample evidence linking creativity and humour. The flip side of this is that an overly serious outlook stifles creativity and ingenuity. When pople are always serious, they don’t want to appear silly or immature. If you want to find new and innovative solutions, it’s necessary to lose this kind of self-consciousness. Naturally, there’s a time and a place for seriousness. However, to maximize creativity, make sure you also leave time for fun, spontaneity, and laughter.  Watch some innovative standup comics for inspiration. Take a class in improve comedy.

10) Jumping to conclusions

A creative mindset is one that’s open and not too quick to judge. At least wait until you have ample evidence before you make up your mind. Otherwise, you’re likely to prematurely dismiss a potential idea. This also pertains to youe interactions with people. Sometimes, we’re put off by personality tract. In some cases, however, these people turn into friends or valuable colleagues- if you give them the chance.  If we’re too quick to judge, though, we’ll be closed off to such possibilities.

There are some of the habits that limit your creativity and close you off to new ideas and solutions. Like any habits, they can be changed once you set the intention. Stimulating your creativitu helps you in all areas of life, so this is a goal well worth pursuing.




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