Highly Effective Study Habits That Can Improve Your Performance



Natural intelligence is useless if not paired with hard work and dedication. To fulfill your academic potential and achieve everything you are capable of, you must put in the study hours. Luckily, studying is easier than your might think and, like most skills, can we worked on and improve with little effort. Here are 8 ways to improve your grades through more efficient revision and study.

 1) Where to study

Where you study is just as important as what you study. Before you pick up any book , find a spot which is most conducive to productivity. Find somewhere quit so u don’t get distracted and comfortable so u can sit for longer periods of time without getting restless.

A desk with an upright chair ideal for exam preparation, as it mimics the conditions you will be in when you take the test, your brain will subconsciously link the conditions you study with the material you are learning so on exam day the silent information will be easier to recall.

2) Look ahead

The most effective way of studying is to start early. Look ahead to when our exam are due and prepare well in advance. Give yourself enough time to study and you can break your revision down into smaller, more manageable parcels which are easier to commits to memory. There is no quickly fixing to learning large amount of material, so plan ahead.

Shorter study periods are less daunting and easier to get motivated for, so you will be more likely to keep to your study plans. Consistency is key and studying everyday overall a long time period is a tired and tested method of ensuring you stick to it.

3) Plan your week

Now you that know how long you have got to study, you the break the material down to ensure you cover everything adequately. Draw up a weekly timetable so you can see what you will be studying each day. Factor in down time and make it as reasonable as possible while still pushing yourself to reach your goal.

If you fall to stick completely to the plan one week, don’t panic. Ensure your lapse is a one off by assessing why you didn’t adhere to the schedule, making changes if necessary, and then getting straight back on the metaphorical horse. Stay flexible enough to roll with the puches but focused enough to stick to the plan wherever possible by reminding yourself of why you are studying and what you are working towards. Sacrifice and discipline now will pay dividends in the near future,

4) Eradicate distractions   

Set about minimizing or completely eliminating anything which might feasibly distract you from your task. You must be able to sit down in front of your study materials and give your undivided attention to the task a hand, so make it easier on yourself by completely removing anything that might cause you to break focus.

Turn off your phone and unplugged the TV and draw the curtains.

5) Pace yourself

Rome was not built in a day. If u start with grandiose ideas of achieving your goals in aweek, you will just set yourself up to fail realistic expectations, whilst not as exiting, are infinitely more conducive to success

Get yourself a small but achievable goal to complete everyday over a longer period. Five minutes every day will have a greater impact that one hour evry seven days. Consistence is king. The slow but steady approach requires foresight so plan ahead.

6) Rewrite

Rewrite your notes or study materials. Ensure the act of taking notes in class doesn’t distract you form listening and concentration on what is being taught by taking briefer, more concise, notes. Later on, rewrite those notes, expanding on what you have written with what you have learned. The physical act of writing down information repeatedly with help it sinks in.

7) Time management

Take time to configure and achievable weekly time table. Factor in other considerations and commitments in your life and create a schedule you know you can stick to. Be realistic in your approach and disciplined in your execution. Allocate a small study period to the same time everday and commit to it.

When you inevitably stray from your planned routine, don’t panic. How you react to indiscretions is the real test. Get back on the horse and slide straight back into the routine.

8) Environment

Now you have got your scheduled figured out, you need some where to study. Find a quiet corner where you feel comfortable. Try to find somewhere without distractions of sight or sound and where you can study without being interrupted.

If you are studying for a test, try to mimic exam conditions.


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